Top 5 Must Do's in China

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China is blessed with some of most eminent attractions in the world. China Must Do's involve sightseeing, river cruising and trekking.

1. Guilin

Situated in the northeastern zone of Guangxi, Gullin is said to be the most beautiful city in all of China. Surrounded by lush green mountains, stupendous rock formations, and mysterious caves, this city is inhabited by 12 ethnicities and 1,260,000 people. Blessed with pleasant weather year-round, the city offers an array of fascinating sights including the breathtaking Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Yangshuo, and Longsheng.

A cruise down the Li River will show you the heavenly sights of luscious hills and their reflections upon the clear blue water of the river. Situated at the convergence of the Taohua and Lijian Rivers, Elephant Hill is shaped like an elephant drinking water. Yangshuo and Longsheng are two beautiful towns famed for breathtaking landscapes, surrounding hills and water.

2. Yangtze River Cruise

Celebrated as the longest river in China and the third longest in the world, Yangtze River flows across 11 provinces and cities of China, including Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Shanghai and Anhui. A Yangtze River Cruise is an exciting affair that gives the tourists an opportunity to enjoy the fascinating sights of the 3 gorges of Yangtze namely, Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge. Besides, the breathtaking view of Fengdu Ghost City and the astounding architecture of Shinaozhai will take your breath away.

3. Beijing Zoo

Located in the western part of Beijing City, Beijing Zoo is the largest zoo in China. Expanding across a terrain of over 50,000 square meters, this zoo is home to over 7,000 animals of about 600 species. The residents of the zoo include the red panda, the Sichuan golden monkey, huge sea turtles, Manchurian tigers, Tibetan Yaks, and African zebras and giraffes. Set before a beautiful backdrop of lush green hills, small streams, and a variety of trees, this zoo offers an excellent landscape view. Beijing Zoo is also famed for being the breeding ground of rare animals as well as a prime center for zoological research and conservation programs.

4. The Great Wall of China

Your China trip will be incomplete if you leave the country without viewing the Great Wall of China. Built in the 7th century B.C., the Great Wall was originally a bulwark to protect Chinese Empire from foreign invasion. Extending about 6,400 kilometers, this wall runs through 8 provinces of China, including Shanghai and Beijing.

5. Jiuzhaigou Trekking

Jiuzhaigou is a beautiful valley located in the north western Sichuan province. About 50 kilometers in length, this place has hundreds of stunning lakes flanked by equally beautiful waterfalls. Trekking down Jiuzhaigou Valley will reveal the natural treasures that this place boasts. From Jiuzhaigou, you may traverse through Shuzheng, Rize, and Zezawa Valley. You can also spend the evening sitting around a campfire here, digging into the delicious barbequed meats.

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