Cruises in Tianjin

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Tianjin is a Municipality in China and is the nation's 5th largest urban area. It has a rich culture and strong tourism industry. With many sights to see and places to go in Tianjin many people choose to visit here while visiting China. Tianjin is a port city and it is often included in cruises that explore china, usually as the departure city. Most itineraries include time to enjoy and explore Tianjin

Costa Cruise to China, South Korea and Japan

Costa Cruise Line has a 5 and 15 day cruise that starts in Tianjin and visits different places in South Korea and Japan making a circle right back to Tianjin. This one doesn’t spend a lot of time in Tianjin but since you are departing and arriving there you can spend a lot of your free time before and after the cruise to explore the city. The cruise is on their Costa Romantica which is (as you can imagine) a very romantic and beautiful ship. There are many lounges and restaurants to enjoy along with a spa, casino, theater and swimming pool. Shore excursion packages are available to receive guided tours and activities organized by Costa Cruises. They cost a little extra money but depending on your knowledge of the area they may be worth it. Prices start at $789 per person and can range to $1,449 per person on the 5 day cruise. 

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean offers many cruises that include Tianjin in their itinerary. Most use it as the departure city as well. But that is still a great way to see the city and other places while cruising. There is the 13 night Beijing to Hong Kong cruise that departs from Tianjin and explores many cities in Asia eventually arriving at Hong Kong. This one starts at $1,399 per person. There is also the 7 night Japan and Korea cruise that departs from Tianjin which starts at $699 per person. Both of these are on their ship, The Legend of the Seas. The ship has lots of activities including a casino, outdoor swimming pool, spa, miniature golf and rock climbing--so your days on the water should be filled with lots of fun. They also have children activities provided by their Adventure Ocean youth facilities.

Though Tianjin is usually used as a departure port, don’t let that stop you from taking time out of your cruise vacation to see the sights and experiences Tianjin has to offer.

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