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Chengdu2 , a modern international city of more than twelve million, has a long history dating back to 4500 BC, when the social and cultural exchange centre of the ancient Shu Kingdom was established. The discovery last century of the lost Sanxingdui site at Guanghan, about forty kilometres north of Chengdu , is recognized as the most important archaeological find of Sichuan relics. The Sanxingdui Museum is regarded as one of the major historical museums in China .

More recently than this, a major capital of the Shu culture was discovered within metropolitan Chengdu just in 2001. A wonderful new muesum housing both the excavationand the finds was opened in 2006 and the golden "Birds and sun" disk found in 2001 has already been adopted as the symbol of Chinese heritage

As a key traffic hinge in southwest China , the provincial capital city Chengdu is an easy place to enter Sichuan and neighbouring Tibet . The Sichuan-Tibet highway acts as a shortcut in and out.  Chengdu has long been an important inland transfer station. Shuangliu International Airport caters not only for domestic movement. The ever-increasing international flight destinations include Cambodia , Japan , Singapore , The Netherlands, and Thailand .  

An often quoted Chinese saying is, “Once you come to Chengdu , you will not want to leave”. This can be attributed a lot to the enviable, relaxed lifestyle enjoyed by locals and foreigners in a recreational and unhurried tourist city, surrounded by many rivers such as the Funan and the Sha. Famous scenic spots such as Wuhou Temple and Du Fu Thatched Cottage enrich the cultural background of Chengdu . Not far away, Qingcheng Mountain and Snowy Mount Xiling act as summer resorts for the urbanites. World mixed cultural and natural sites, such as Jiuzhaigou Gullies, Leshan and Mount Emei, have been acknowledged by UNESCO as being of great heritage value and significance in relating miracles of the native people’s past and present.

For those wishing to see up-close the most loved and recognizable indigenous animal in the People’s Republic of China , the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding and Wolong Panda Reserve are easy enough to get to.

Chengdu ’s food cultures are very famous at home and abroad. There is a statement that “All good foods are found in Chengdu ". In addition to the Mapo Toufu, Han Steamed Bun, Dragon Dumpling with Meat Stuffing and other famous snacks, more popular dishes are being derived from the hot pot such as boiled kebabs, hot boiled dishes, and lengdanbei. Sichuan cuisine is one of the four famous local cuisines in China ; the other 3 being Guangdong cuisine, Shandong cuisine, and Jiangshu cuisine. In preparing ingredients, Sichuan cooks will try to balance strong spicy flavour with light flavour to suit accordingly.  

Chinese distilled liquor (rice wine), French brandy, Russian vodka and Scottish whiskey are called the four main distillate spirits in the world. Distilled liquor (also called Rack) was invented by the Chinese, and is regarded as the fifth primary invention of the “Four Great Inventions” in China by experts and scholars. Chinese winemaking history spans four or five thousand years. Sichuan wines are of long standing significance as part of national wine production and wine culture development. Wine production in Sichuan developed in ancient times, and is still unfading nowadays. Spirits such as Luzhou Laojiao, Yibing Wuliangye, Mianzhu Jiannanchun, Chengdu Quanxing, and Swellfun enjoy high reputations around the globe.

Visit Jingli Street, a reconstructed road of wooden shops housing all forms of food,drink, crafts, puppet shows and music. A high point of any visit and perfect for good souvenirs.

If westerners prefer to indulge in more   familiar activities, they should check out the areas close by Sichuan University and the   American consulate. Well-patronized expat haunts on RenMin NanLu are - the Shamrock Bar, Carol’s Too, the Bookworm, and the Paulaner Bar at the Kempinski Hotel. Over along KeHua BeiLu, there is - Sabrina’s Country Store, Peter’s Tex-Mex Grill, and Grandma’s Kitchen; to name a few. At least ten hostels around town accommodate travellers just passing through. These places tend to change name and owners over time, so it is probably wise for anyone interested to browse the web for current details.

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