Senior Travel in China

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Following is a China senior travel guide that provides useful information for older tourists to make their trip to this country more enjoyable.

Getting Around

China is a huge country which offers tourists various modes of transport to choose from. Older tourists who want to travel from one place to another within the country should opt for air travel as it is fast and comfortable. Chine Eastern, Air China and China Southern are the 3 international carriers. Regional carriers include Shanghai Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Hainan Airlines. China’s extensive train network is ideal for a cheaper mode of long distance transport. However, older tourists should ensure they get soft sleepers which are comfortable and relatively cheap by Western standards. The country also has long distance buses which are suitable only for overnight travel. Public buses and taxis are suitable for traveling within the city as they are comfortable and inexpensive.

Things to See

The Great Wall of China is the most popular tourist attraction in the country. This is an attraction that is enjoyed not only by older tourists, but by tourist of all ages. Older tourists may also like to travel to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Around 6000 life-size warriors and horses belonging to the late emperor can be found here. Seniors will also enjoy seeing the Karst Mountains by taking a cruise on the Li River. The scenery is extremely beautiful due to the mysterious caves, rolling hills and limestone cliffs. Besides these, there are many other sights senior tourists can visit like Tiananmen Square, Potala Palace and the Dazu Rock carvings.


China has a wide range of accommodations for tourists, from expensive 5-star luxury hotels to cheap shared dorm rooms. Older tourists are advised to make accommodation arrangements in advance if they want to skip the hassles of finding a decent hotel. Hostels are probably one of the best accommodation options for older tourists as they are cheap and comfortable. In addition to this, most of them have English speaking employees and often they can provide convenient and cheap transport around the city. For a more comfortable stay, tourists can opt for mid-range hotels which are clean, comfortable and meet Western standards. The best thing about these hotels is that they are quite inexpensive, making them ideal for older tourists.

There are some important things senior tourists should know when visiting China. Chinese doctors and nurses don’t speak English. The good news is that patients are usually attended to quickly and medical staffs have a good supply of medicines. Another useful thing to keep in mind is that the Chinese cuisine includes different kinds of meat that can be repulsive to most tourists. So it is important to know the ingredients in your dish before eating it.

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