When to Go in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is characterized by four distinct seasons with a fifth-typhoon season-overlaying two of them. Unlike most islands, there are definitely good and bad times to visit Hong Kong. Here is a rundown on what you can expect in each season.


Wintertime in Hong Kong is both mild and pleasant. From December to February the temperature averages around 10 degrees C, though it's not uncommon for the temperature to settle around 17 degrees C on any given day. It never reaches the point of frigidness and, despite local example, will never require extreme winter attire unless you're severely susceptible to the cold. Snow is unheard of in Hong Kong, though it does frost over a few times a year. Humidity remains low throughout the season, and on the few days that it does rain it's typically a light, gentle drizzle. In all it's a very nice time of year to roam around.


Spring lasts from March to May with temperatures starting around 20 degrees C and rapidly climbing to 30 degrees C as the season progresses toward summer. On sunny days the humidity is quite low-probably due to the buckets of rain that are dumped from the skies on most days throughout the season. If you travel to Hong Kong in the spring, be prepared for the city to come to a standstill on several occasions. Rainstorm alerts come in three degrees: amber, red and black. During a black rainstorm traffic stops, shops close and schools even refuse to release children unless there's a danger of flooding in the area.


Summertime is definitely not for the meek, as it transitions between intense sun and torrential rains. The average temperature from June to August is about 30 degrees C, but it's the humidity that will kill you. Walking around at a normal pace results in soaking wet clothing and difficulty breathing in the stifling air. The sun beats down with a vengeance, so be sure to bring your sunscreen. At other times the rain and thunderstorms take over the skies-and you're still going to wind up with soaking wet clothing. If you do decide to brave a Hong Kong summer, be sure to bring at least one sweater or wrap, as the heat outside prompts stores and restaurants to crank the air conditioner as high as possible.


Autumn is by far the best time to visit Hong Kong. The humidity has dropped to once more breathable levels, and the weather becomes very predictable with few, light rain showers. From September to November the temperature averages around 24 degrees C. Evenings can get a bit chilly so come prepared with a jacket. Also, keep in mind that typhoon season does in fact last through the autumn, regardless of how rare an autumn rain is. You don't want to be caught totally unawares. Otherwise, get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in this fabulous place.

Typhoon Season

Please note that typhoon season lasts from May until November. These storms can be extremely dangerous, so as the strength of the storm rises, be sure to get indoors.

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