Sights in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Despite Hong Kong’s expensive reputation, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a plentiful and worthwhile experience here. When traversing this large city use the subway system as much as possible. The subway system here is clean and easy to follow. Even if you are staying in Hong Kong for only one day, seriously consider buying a public transportation card. You can use it for buses and the subways and save yourself a lot of hassle and wasted time in long lines buying tickets.

Ferry Rides

Kowloon is across the river from the official city of Hong Kong, but they feel like one big city. Many tourists choose hotels in Kowloon because they are cheaper than the hotels in Hong Kong proper. There are great restaurants and shopping on both sides. To get to the other side of the river you can take the subway or one of Hong Kong’s famous feries. The ferry is a fun and inexpensive mini-adventure for people of all ages and fitness levels. The journey from one side to the other lasts about 10 minutes. You can also use Hong Kong’s ferry system to visit other tourist destinations on the neighboring islands.

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong Victoria Peak is a destination everyone can enjoy. This high peak looks out over Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor. Transportation both up to and down from Victoria Peak is available by both the city bus (double decker) and a tourist trolley. The secret is to take the public bus up and the trolley down. All the other tourists will be doing the opposite; there are long lines to take the trolley up to the peak. At the top there are beautiful views you will want to be photographed with. There is also a shopping mall, restaurants, a convenience store and an ATM.

Symphony of Lights

Guinness Book of World Records awarded Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights the title “World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show”. This multimedia presentation is a daily event, unless there is a tropical cyclone warning. Hong Kong’s most famous buildings light up with musical accompaniment. It is really quite spectacular and will be imprinted on you mind forever as your vision of Hong Kong. No one in your group will be left out of this famous Hong Kong site. You can view the Symphony of Lights by standing or sitting along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. There is also the option of viewing the light show from a boat or the comfort of your hotel room.


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Star Ferry

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The Star Ferry Company is a passenger ferry service operator in Hong Kong that has routes between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Founded in 1888, the Star Ferry Company has operated throughout the Victoria Harbor for many years.

Exploring Tsimshatsui

When exploring Tsimshatsui, the best place to start is from the Star Ferry terminal. It is no longer the sole starting point, as you can now drive through the Cross Harbor Tunnel from Hong Kong Island or ride under the harbor on the Mass Transit Railway. But for a century, the only way from the Hong Kong more..

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Asia / Northeast Asia / China / Hong Kong / Victoria Peak Review

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The highest point in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak, is visited by 6 million tourists each year. You should not miss this popular tourist sight and its panoramic views of Hong Kong. This is a great first or last stop on your tour of Hong Kong. It is a perfect first stop because as you look out over Hong Kong from Victoria Peak you can get a feel for the layout of the city and see from above the famous tourist sights you will soon see on the ground. Just as perfect for a farewell to Hong Kong, looking out at the vast city and reliving the new memories made on your more..

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Temple Street

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The Yaumatei District

Heading North on Kownloon's Canton or Jordan road, you will get to the Yaumatei District. The Yaumatei District is famous for its large typhoon shelter where Hong Kong's boat people anchor their floating homes. This district is also famous, although some might say infamous, for the floating brothels ( sampans in Cantonese). The Temple Street is located right in the heart of the Yaumatei District.

Temple Street's Night Market

Originally famous for its temples, Temple Street is now renowned for its more..

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Tian Tan Buddha

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Lantau Island

To talk about the Tian Tan Buddha, you need to talk about the Po Lin Monastery, and to talk about the Po Lin Monastery, you need to talk about the island of Lantau. Of all the outlying islands from Hong Kong, the greatest in size is Lantau with a land area twice that of Hong Kong. The people of Lantau follow a very rural lifestyle, almost untouched by time, that has endured the fall of emperors, the British colonization and the decay of empires. Despite being larger than Hong Kong, this island has less population and more..

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Ocean Park

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Hong Kong is a a playground for teenagers and adults, and luckily for children, there are two great options--Ocean Park and Water World. Ocean Park, and its neighbor, Water World, are natural attractions for children who are tired from a long journey, hotel rooms or shopping in hot humid weather. Ocean Park, spectacular and fun, is a combination marine land and amusement park.

Getting There

Both Ocean Park and Water World are easily accessible, even though they are on the south side of Hong Kong Island, near Aberdeen and Kowloon. It is a good idea more..

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