Senior Travel in Hong Kong

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Seniors will find Hong Kong a perfect place for a vacation. There are many things to do and many are great things for the more mature traveler to do.

Hotels and Restaurants

Many hotels in the city are 5-star rated and will give you an experience you may have never had before. They have doormen that wear traditional dress and the hotel services are impeccable. Many hotels in the city have senior rates so be sure to ask for them when you go. Restaurants, too, are wonderful. You can taste the local cuisine or select the more familiar western cuisine.

Performing Arts

If you love seeing shows, this is the place to come. Performers from around the world come to Hong Kong and you can find ballet, drama, and musicals here along with some of the more cultural Chinese-inspired entertainment.


Organized tours are a good way to see the city and not worry about getting lost. You can find many different companies that will take you on affordable and informational tours--either in a bus or boat. Check with your hotel because most tour companies will pick you up right there.

There is a 5-hour tour that takes you to some of the highlights on the island. This will familiarize you with the area, famous landmarks and history of Hong Kong. You can visit Victoria peak and Repulse Bay. You can see the junks (houseboats) floating on the river and see what life is like on them. Stanley market is a destination where you will find good prices. Prices start at about $32.00 per person, but may vary.

Boat Cruise

An evening boat cruise of the harbor usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours. You will see a 20-minute Symphony of Lights show that is a display of laser lights bouncing from many of the skyscrapers on both sides of the harbor. Music is synchronized with the lights and the show is a sight to behold. There is an open bar on the boat with free drinks during the show. The cost is approximately $50.00 per person.

Cultural Site Tours

There is also a tour to many of the temples and other cultural sites in the area-- including monasteries and small fishing villages along with local markets. Be sure to check if you are going to have to climb many steps at different sites because many of the temples are not handicap accessible. This tour is beautiful and worth going and you can do it for about $50.00 per person.

Hong Kong is a great place for senior travel. Many establishments give special prices and special attention to older visitors.

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