Practical Information in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is exceptionally humid during the summer, but everyone has airconditioning.  You'll probably get dripped on by A/C walking down the street.

Personal Security: Most pickpockets and thieves know about the neck wallets that people have hanging inside their shirts from the telltale string around the neck. Use an internal wallet that is worn like a shoulder holster to avoid easy detection.

Bargaining: Westerners believe in an old rule of thumb that whatever the street vendor quotes as an opening price, that they should offer half as that is closer to the actual selling price. This rule has sometimes led to unnecessary unpleasantness. Most street vendors are a superstitious lot; believing it to be of utmost importance to complete the first sales attempt of the day (even at no profit), else it becomes an ill omen for the rest of the day's business. Bargaining is usually not entertained in shops and any attempt will bring you embarrassment and deserved insult.

Price Comparison: You can check prices of the most popular electronic goods or other items from large chain stores and reputable shops at price comparison web site Shopcite.  They also have a version for your mobile handset you can use anytime to avoid overpaying for your shopping items in Hong Kong .

Jade: If you're in the market for jade but don't really know your jadeite or nephrite from a hole in the wall, then you should assume that everything on the street is NOT jade. In case you didn't know, true jade has a hardness better than steel. It is never carved (like soapstone) but must be ground (abraded). If you're looking at an intricately carved piece, then it's most likely soapstone (Shoushan stone) as it's impossible to carve jade in such a fashion. Further, many dealers and guides will tell a customer to perform the sound test, that is to clink two jade bangles together; that the ring of true jade can be heard. Well, unless you've performed this test thousands of times with both real and fake jade, you won't be able to tell what is the real sound of Jade. Hence this "test" is utterly meaningless and misleading. In Hong Kong, real jade is found in the main shops around the Jordan Road area, whilst fakes are plentiful all over, but espeically so in the Tung Chou Street Temporary Market enclosure. Often, it's nice to buy a piece simply for the nice way that something was carved rather than to expect any real true value as jade.

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The local currency is the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

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