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lantau big buddha

lantau big buddha

lao loong

The   Lantau Hotel   is characterized by efficient service and luxurious amenities. Tourists can enjoy the beach and spend time with their families or they can enjoy the luxuries of the hotel like spas and swimming pools. People who are on business trips can take advantage of the commodities and relax while they await their meetings.

City Garden Hotel

The hotel is made up of 613 rooms, these include 613 luxuriously furnished rooms, 9 floors with private lounges and 15 suites that come equipped with ergonomic work stations. The phones are equipped with the basic amenities, such as: telephones, Internet access and cable television. The Premier room for 2 occupants' ongoing rate is of HK$12,600 and for the Signature room the ongoing rate is HK$13,400. The prices for the rooms tend to change:depending on the time of the year and the demand that the hotels have.

The restaurant has different styles of food. There are different Asian cuisines that are served by the restaurant. The bar offers the occasional drink while a live band performs or the patrons watch live sports on the bars television screen. This helps make the Lantau Hotel experience an affordable one.

Silvermine Beach Hotel

The Silvermine Beach Hotel is the paradigm of the Lantau Hotel industry: it  has 128 rooms and a single room costs $7,800 Yen, the price for a twin room is $8,000 Yen. People can request and extra bed for HK$1,500.

The hotel offers guests with different fitness facilities like tennis courts and a gymnasium. For people who want to relax and enjoy the day the hotel offers sauna baths. There are different restaurants in the hotel. People can choose between Vegetarian Chinese food, regular Chinese food and Western Style meals.

Disney's Hollywood Hotel

The Lantau Hotel experience is at its best when it comes to this hotel that has 600 rooms available for its guests. The different types of room can accommodate a single family of four people. The Garden View Room, the Sea View Room and the Park View room offer great comfort and rest for the guest. The rooms offer laundry service, LCD television and non-smoking rooms available upon request. The Disney Hollywood hotel makes the Lantau Hotel experience a magical one.

The rate for the Garden View room is HK$2,100,the rate for the Kingdom Suite is HK$6,000. However prices migth vary according to the time of the year. The hotel offers the best in dining. Chef Mickey offers a family oriented atmosphere with Disney themed foods. The Studio Lounge of the hotel offers fruit juice, specialty drinks and snacks.

Lantau Island is twice as big as Hong Kong Island but far less densely populated. The government decided that it was time to enliven Lantau and made plans for a major airport that was finished in 1998. These days, it is very easily accessible by both ferry (nice trip!) and plane. The airport was only the beginning of the island's metamorphosis.

An old monastery and the enormous Buddha (the largest outdoor Buddha in the world) sits amidst tea plantations and green mountain peaks. 

The older sites such has the monastery have to compete with modern inventions such as Waterworld, Science City, a theme park dedicated to Chinese customs, and Hong Kong Disneyland.





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