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Chinese New Year

Beginning with Chinese New Year, late January to mid February, the temperature and clear dry skies alternate with longer spells of cold wind and dank mist that can run unbroken for weeks. Mountaintops occasionally show night time frost (the appearance of frost is always a headline story in local tabloids), and beaches at this time of the year are largely deserted. This last statement could mean for some beach enthusiasts that it's a great time to enjoy all of the beach for themselves.

Rainy Season

Hong Kong's rainy season usually starts around mid March. The temperature rises and humidity thickens, causing frequent showers. Skies tend to be cloudy and heavy rainstorms happen almost every afternoon. Despite the rain, this season is popular with most Kowloon visitors because it's not nearly as hot as the high summer season.

High Summer

This is the one time of the year that you have to watch out for. Mid May to September is high summer, and also the time in which the unpredictable typhoon season takes place. Throughout this season, the sun shines most of the day and it is a must to wear sunblock, especially for children. The humidity stays around the 90 percent. Most people flock to the malls so that they can enjoy air conditioning. When visiting the shopping centers, it is a good idea to dress in layers to avoid catching a cold during the switch between hot and cold air. People with asthma, respiratory problems and tendencies to get the flu easily, should avoid visiting Hong Kong during this time.

Last week of September

The last week of September is a great time to visit the Mongkok area of Kowloon because there you can experience the annual birthday celebration of the Monkey God. During this celebration, the Monkey God worshipers produce a bizarre show that is very entertaining. The main players in this celebration are the medium (who speaks for the Monkey God) and the interpreter (who translates the language that is only known to the Monkey God, the medium and the interpreter). The medium first prays until the Monkey God takes over his body and proceeds to use his medium's body to prove his supernatural powers. For openers, the medium will plunge his hands into boiling oil without any burns or discomfort being inflicted upon himself. Thus, the demonstration continues, eventually ending with a grand feast and street block party.

Dry Monsoons

This is the most popular time of the year for visitors because it provides consistently not too warm days and blue clear skies. The dry monsoon season starts in the first weeks of September. Visitors flock to Kowloon during October and November because of the nights with low humidity and cool weather, which is perfect for walking around and doing some shopping.


From December through early January, the same weather pattern of the dry monsoon season continues: sunny days with cool nights. At this period there is a gradual shift to unpredictable weather. This time of the year is great for those visitors looking to do a lot of sightseeing by walking around Kowloon. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, it's just right.

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