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Problem with this idea. The airport has one metal detotcer. When you have more flights out of there, you have more people, and more flights stacked up right on top of each other. I experienced this first hand on Friday on my way to Las Vegas (which you can fly to out of there now on Allegiant Air). There were 4 flights leaving within an hour of each other that I saw on the board. The line for checking in and getting boarding passes/checking luggage was out the door of the terminal it was so long and for both the flight before ours and our flight they had to call everyone who was in line for that flight to the front (they do this about 45 minutes before takeoff according to a staff member).Then you have to navigate a security line which has one metal detotcer, two x ray machines and a PA system that no one can hear. They paged everyone for the LV flight to get to the gate ASAP when there were about 50 or more people still in security line from our flight. The staff didn't hear this page nor did many of the people (I happened to be RIGHT under a speaker is the only reason I heard it). They had to pull us to the front of the security line and try to run through this one metal detotcer which couldn't keep up with the flow.They had to hold our flight an additional 20 minutes to accomodate those of us trapped in security because the airport can't handle the logistics of that many people.TL:DR The airport is small and not capable of handing as many flights and passengers as they want to run out of there.

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