Things to do in Kowloon

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There’s no shortage of activities in the vibrant Kowloon district of Hong Kong. World 66 recommends checking out the following events and places on your holiday.

Hong Kong Science Museum

Every major city has a renowned museum, and in Kowloon it’s the Science Museum. Tourists and locals enjoy spending a weekend afternoon exploring the numerous science and technological exhibits, including a submarine and 22 meter high energy machine. With more than 550 attractions and 16 galleries, kids and adults will find much to write home about. Occasionally the museum will feature a light show in the evenings. You can also catch an afternoon science video and enjoy a snack at the museum’s gift shop. The Hong Kong Science museum, located on the corner of Cheong Wan Road, is open daily and admission is free.

Kowloon’s Bird Palace

Are you a lover of birds? Don’t miss out on an afternoon at Kowloon’s Bird Palace, featuring more than 80 birding displays and craft markets. At the displays you can buy bird cages, bird food and even the famous birds of Hong Kong. If you get tired of seeing the birds, wander through the fragrant gardens and explore the local flora. Drinks and snacks available. The Bird Palace is open daily from 7am to 8pm, and admission is free.

Kowloon Jade Market

Located on Kansu Street, near the city center, Kowloon’s Jade Market is a must-see for all jewelry lovers, or for those who just enjoy being surrounded by the color green! This vibrant market features everything from fake jade stones to the real expensive stones set in silver or gold. The range of prices are as varied as the items themselves, so make sure you know what you’re looking for before buying. The quality at some of these jade stalls can be shoddy, although a lot of them are genuine. Your experience here will be much better if you can bring a knowledgeable tour guide or at least browse a guidebook on jade stones before purchasing. Admission is free, and the Kowloon Jade Market is open daily.

Tin Hau Temple

Located on Market street in the city center of Kowloon, the Tin Hau Temple is impossible to miss. This shrine to the Taoist queen Tin Hau, is home to local fortune tellers willing to tell you your future for a few bucks. Take a seat, pick a card from the pile and take a deep breath! You can also browse the gift shop and read about Kowloon in ancient times. Open daily from 7am to 6pm, and admission is free. Be sure and tip the fortune teller.

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