Family Travel Ideas in Kowloon

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Here are some family travel ideas while visiting Kowloon.

Sung Dynasty Village

In the Laichikok area of Kowloon is the Sung Dynasty Village. China's Sung Dynasty began 1,000 years ago, and this village is a living replica of a small Sung community. Passing through the village gates is like stepping out of a capsule after a trip through time. One second you're in modern Hong Kong, and the next you're 1,000 years back in time on the main street of a Chinese village, surrounded by acrobats, kung fu artists and shops selling traditional Chinese goods. When you buy tickets you are given a packet of Sung Dynasty paper money invented during this era, which you use to buy things in the village. At the village's wax museum, there are life like figures from Chinese history. At the entrance there are two guards. Can you guess which one is the real one and which one is made out of wax? Admission to the village varies from HK$145 to HK$190 and doesn't include transportation or food.

Laichikok Amusement Park

This amusement park is adjacent to the Sung Dynasty Village. This park is not as glamorous as those in the United States or Europe, but it is still a lot of fun, especially for children. Laichikok has an ice skating rink. HK$18 to HK$30 will get you 2 hours of ice skates rental per person. Laichikok has a small zoo and numerous carnival style rides. There are plenty of fast foods and treats for the whole family.

Outdoor Sports and Activities

Every Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. there are Chinese shadow boxing, or tai chi chuan, demonstrations at Kowloon Park and King George V Park in Kowloon. The Hong Kong Tourist Association sponsors these free kung fu demonstrations. Check with the Hong Kong Tourist Association office upon your arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport for the schedule of other sponsored events in these parks, such as puppet shows, and demonstrations from acrobats and jugglers.

The YMCA on Salisbury Road in the Tsimshatsui area of Kowloon has youth activities scheduled all year, especially during the summer. Pop in and see what's going on. 

Space Museum

Not really a museum but more of a planetarium. The Space Museum is a must see for the whole family because it offers great exhibitions, interactive shows and big screen movie screenings. Admission to the Exhibition Hall and Hall of Solar Sciences is free, but most shows and movie projections require a fee. The Exhibition Hall houses an actual piece of the moon brought back by the first U.S. expedition to the moon. The Space Museum opens daily from 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except Tuesday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays.
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