Internet Cafes in Kowloon

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Kowloon is an urbanized area of Hong Kong. It was previously part of the territory held by the British, and eventually in 1997 the territories were returned to China. Kowloon is a place full of modernity as well as an example of the long gone imperial past of China. While the name Kowloon is derived by China’s imperial past, the country keeps on moving forward to the next century in technology and commerce.

Pacific Coffee-Skyline Tower

In this land caught between the past and modernity, travelers need to find ways of staying informed and ways of keeping in touch with their loved ones. The many internet cafes in Kowloon make this possible. One of the best internet café’s is the Pacific Coffee, located in Skyline Tower. The skyline tower is located at Wang Kwong Road. Here people can enjoy the view of the city as well as one of Kowloon’s best coffeehouses. People can do anything from sending emails, surfing the web, as well as using the internet to make phone calls.

Shadowman Cafe

Another internet café that has proven to be a favorite amongst the locals and tourists is Shadowman Cyber Café. This café offers a wide variety of cuisines, including Malay food, or western food. There are around 7 computer terminals and it is currently located in the bottom floor of the building. Tourists can use this location from 10 am to 12:00 a.m. There is no alcohol served at this location, but everything in the menu is tasty and the customer service is great.


Of all cyber Cafes in Kowloon, the one that deserves the most praise is Cyber X. Cyber X is a futuristic café. It offers internet access suitable for gaming, chatting, web surfing, and teleconferences. Patrons of this cyber café can order their food using the internet, and the food is always offered at a discount price. There is a charge of HK $1 per every minute of internet use. There are very comfortable leather chairs that are perfect for the tourist that has been walking most of the day, trying to take in the sights of the wonderful city of Kowloon.

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Cyber-X Multimedia Fun Pub Cafe

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