Cruises in Kowloon

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Kowloon is an urban center of Hong Kong bordering a bay. In recent years Kowloon Cruises have become a popular way to tour the Asian coast line. It is has been compared as a mixture New York and San Francisco.

China Highlights

China Highlights offers day tours to parts of China. The company offers a half day tour of Kowloon. Passengers can make arrangements for this tour with their hotels. The tour company picks up the passengers directly from their hotels the day of the tour. The tour takes about five hours from start to finish. People are taken across Kowloon Bay by boat. The first sites pointed out by the guides are the New Territories. Passengers are taken to the Wong Tai Sin Template. The next site pointed out is the Kowloon skyline. When the boat docks at Kowloon Harbor, the guides take the passengers to Tsim Sha Tsui, the Nan Lin Garden, the Kowloon Walled City Park, Jade market and Bird Garden. The tour is concluded with a boat returning the tourists back home.

Morning Harbour & Noon Day Gun Firing Cruise

The Morning Harbour and Noon Day Cruise leaves directly from Kowloon. This boat trip tours the entire Kowloon peninsula. The tour leaves at 10:15 from Kowloon Public Pier and focuses on life on the water. People can see the fishermen working in the bay and the junks they use for their profession. The tour covers all Kowloon sites via the waterway. The tour concludes with the passengers witnessing the Jardine Noon Day Salute.

Princess Cruises Line

Kowloon is a popular stop on Princess Cruise’s China Tour. The Hong Kong Tour portion begins with the Kowloon peninsula. The cruise spends four days in the area. During the time the cruise is in port tour guides take tourists around the city. They spend time in the famed market the “Golden Mile” and the tourist-friendly Tsim Sha Tsui area. Kowloon is separated from mainland China by the New Territories. The boat tours the area so tourists can see the temples that border the area. The cruise is 14 days long and covers all of Hong Kong and the parts of mainland China. Tourists will love the elegant accommodations and exciting atmosphere that is part of the Princess line.

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