Budget Travel Ideas in Kowloon

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Even though Hong Kong is known to be a shopper's paradise, Kowloon Budget Travel is possible. When traveling on a budget, there are hostels to save money on accommodation, places to eat inexpensively, festivals to attend without admission and museums to visit without charge. Here are some tips to save money in Kowloon.

Saving Money with Hostelling International

Before arriving to Kowloon, make sure to apply for your Hostelling International membership at your country of origin. Application for a membership in Kownloon (and all of Hong Kong) is reserved for Hong Kong and Chinese students, and exchange students only. Having a Hostelling International membership will give you access to special discounts and offers at many bars, restaurants, night clubs, museums, hostels and certain retailers.

Your Hostelling International card gives you access to 3 hostels in Hong Kong: the Bradbury Jockey Club, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Mount Davis and the Ngong Ping S. G. Davis. While not all of the the hostels are located in Kownloon, there all within short distances of downtown Hong Kong. Prices per person range between HK$110.00 and HK$700.00, depending on your room preference and time of the year. During the summer, hostels are in very high demand, so it is a good idea to make your reservation with at least 2 months before your time of arrival to guarantee a space.

Finally, some local offices of Hostelling International have special deals with tour agencies, so make sure to ask for discounted air tickets.

Places to Eat Inexpensively

In Hong Kong, there are almost 5,000 formally established restaurants but some people may argue that in Kownloon there might be almost half that number in informal eateries, holes in the wall and improvised street kiosks. While walking through the streets of Kownloon , you will be able to find plenty of cheap eateries where you can save money. Make sure that you try all variations of the Cantonese food, not just the crisp Peking Duck. There are several dishes from the Cantonese cuisine that are very filling and cheap such as the hotpots and barbecues. For those looking for vegetarian variations of Cantonese food, visit the Wishful Cottage and Vegi Food Kitchen restaurants.

Festivals and Museums without Admission

The Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Museum of History and Lei Chung U.K. Branch Museum are museums that do not charge admission at all, or at least offer a couple days free of charge. The TinHau Temple is another cultural experience that does not charge to attend.

Festivals are a big crowd magnet, not only for foreign but also for domestic tourists. The Hong Kong Arts Festival, Festival of Asian Arts and Cheun Yeung Festival are just a sample of the festivals that you can attend and that will offer plenty of attractions, activities and photo opportunities that will not cost you a single dime.

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