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This Kowloon Travel Guide helps people understand the complexities and the attractions of this peninsula. The name Kowloon stands for 9 dragons: that is the 8 peaks or mountains that are overlooking Kowloon and the emperor. The city of Kowloon is a small place in size, but it is one of the most populated in the world when it comes to per capita.


People can use the ferry system to move in and out of Kowloon. People will be amazed by looking at the landscape, the ocean and the skyline. There are various taxi-cabs that will facilitate the travel of tourists on land. Any Kowloon Travel guide needs to include transportation information.

Things to See

A Symphony of lights is a light show that takes place on different buildings of Kowloon. People can listen to the story that accompanies the show. The show has been given an award by Guiness World records and it is a tribute to the beauty and the innovation of the Victoria Harbor.

Shek Mei Mip State is one of the buildings that showcase the style of living during the early 50s and the late 60s. Most of the buildings around this State are still on the same condition as they were in the last century and some are still inhabited. People can walk to this place from the Metro Rail Station.


The Regal Oriental hotel is a luxurious hotel and is accessible by local transportation. The hotel within a few minutes of the Walled City. The hotel has a restaurant, a fitness center and it offers wireless Internet for the guests. There is a Chinese restaurant in the hotel. When people want to have a good time and relax they can visit the hotel's pub.

The Marco Polo Hotel is very inexpensive. The rooms start as low as $190 USD per day. The hotel is within walking distance of the Space Museum and the Hong Kong Park. There is a fitness center for those patrons who want to work out, For those patrons who want to scape the heat of the sun and jump into the water the hotel has a swimming pool.

The Kowloon Travel Guide would not be complete without mentioning Temple Street. This street has many different street vendors, that sell anything from souvenirs to food.

Ha Kowloon is one of the four parts that makes the Hong Kong territory these days. The tip of the peninsula, which faces Hong Kong island, is probably the best known part of Kowloon. It is one big melting pot of streets crawling with shops and tourists, covered up under a spell of neon at night. In this sense, the 'nine dragons' (the literal translation of 'Kowloon') beat the touristy tiger of the neighbouring Hong Kong island!

Although it might appear as if money is the only ruling factor here, the current 'Hong Kong Cultural Centre' tries to prove the opposite. Most museums are located in this centre and it offers a good alternative when you have had it with the jade shops, bird markets and fortune-tellerstands in the shopping areas of 'Tsim Sha Tsui' and 'Nathan Road'.

Tsim Sha Tsui, at the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula, is the territory's tourist ghetto. It consists of one sq km of shops, restaurants, pubs, topless bars and camera stores. However, Kowloon is also home to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Space Museum, the famous Peninsula Hotel and the Museum of History.

The Promenade, in East Tsim Sha Tsui, is a great place for a stroll, and has wonderful views of Victoria Harbour, particularly at night. The liveliest night market in the territory is on Temple St in Yau Ma Tei.


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