Senior Travel in Hong Kong Island

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Hong Kong Island is the chief hub of commercial and tourist activity in Hong Kong. With its state of the art theme parks, upmarket boutiques, breezy bays and contemporary monuments, there is little that the modern island leaves out from a tourist's dream itinerary. The Hong Kong Island senior travel guide lists several ideas to help senior tourists enjoy a memorable vacation.


This is a charming, traditional fishing village that thrives in the midst of a modern ethos. Senior travelers can spot several sampans (traditional Chinese boats), floating homes and junks along the narrow harbor. A few lucky visitors may even be invited by the gracious fishermen to share a meal of the day's fresh catch. Tourists can also take a sampan ride with a licensed operator.

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is the epicentre of all shopping and entertainment activity on Hong Kong Island. There are swanky, high-fashion boutiques, international brand outlets and fine-dining restaurants lining up the streets of this chic destination. Watch out for Times Square, (a landmark Emporium and an iconic structure of the Causeway Bay) the Lee Garden store and stalls in the fashionable yet reasonably priced Jardine Bazaar. Dig into scrumptious seafood at one of the several restaurants, which are open till late at night under the neon-lit skyline of the Island.

Golden Bauhinia Square

Senior visitors can make a trip to the Golden Bauhinia Square to view the splendid 'Symphony of Lights' show at dusk. There is an expansive bay front promenade, which is nice for an evening walk or for enjoying a view of the night silhouette of Hong Kong island. The Monument of Commemoration rests on one side of the square and senior travelers can reach the place by taking a ferry from Star Ferry Pier to Wan Chai.

Hong Kong Musuem of Coastal Defence

The museum is located at 175 Tung Hei Road, Shau Kei Wan and articulately exhibits and describes the history of the military defence of the coast of Hong Kong during the eventful Ming Dynasty. The 34,300 square meter area is divided into three sections - the Historical Trail, the Reception and the Reboubt. Entrance fee is HK $10.

Madame Tussauds

Watch a galaxy of celebrities come alive in the form of more than 100 unbelievable wax statues in cleverly designed interactive theme backgrounds at the Madame Tussauds Museum. Spread across three stories, the museum is housed within the recently revamped Peak Tower Complex.

Hollywood Road and Man Mo Temple

Senior visitors will enjoy a trip to Hollywood Road, which is packed to the gunwales with antiques, souvenir shops and a large open-air street curio market. Hundreds of lamps, badges, furniture, snuff bottles and a range of other vintage items are put up for sale. There is a nice Man Mo Temple in the vicinity that offers an attractive glimpse of Oriental architecture and pays tribute to the Lord of War-Mo and the Lord of Literature-Man.

Hong Kong Island is a fascinating mosaic of sightseeing, shopping, dining and entertainment and boats of several venues where senior travelers can sit back and enjoy the modern achievements, cultural glory and natural beauty of Hong Kong Island.

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