Getting There in Hong Kong

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Below you can find the easiest ways to reach Hong Kong:

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At the Lo Wu (Luo Hu) Border from China

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In Hong Kong, there is a KCR that connects to Lo Wu and borders China.  There is an immagration there and from China, you can meet up here.

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Hong Kong International Airport

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You can fly to Hong Kong from virtually anywhere, since Hong Kong is one of the major transit points for many flights. From the airport you can easily access the city by all modes of transportation available: taxi, train, bus, and hired limousine.

Taxis and limousines will cost you the most, about $300 each way.
The Airport Express is the quickest way, costing $90 per adult. They also have group discounts.
The bus is the most cost efficient way, though it takes about an hour to get from the airport to Central.

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