Family Travel Ideas in Hong Kong

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The great city of Hong Kong is the perfect place for a unique family friendly vacation. An attractive aspect of the city is its seasonal activities and festivals which include the Chinese Autumn Festival, Winter Symphony of Lights, and Chinese New Year Parade. Not only do these festivals offer family fun activities, but provide a first hand experience of Hong Kong culture for your whole family to add to your family vacation.

Recreational Parks and Sight Seeing

Victoria Park, also known as the "Peak" is the most popular park in Hong Kong. Along with traditional park paths, benches, and play structures, this spectacular park offers viewing towers that are a tourist camera's best friend. Surrounding the park are hiking and biking trails which are great for a family to get together. In the evening the Peak is great place to bring the kids after dinner for some fun on the swing sets and the exceptional view as the sun sets and the city illuminates with lights.

Historically Significant Adventures

Along with the park, your family's visit to the Peak isn't complete without the experience of the Peak Tram. The Peak Tram is a great way to access Victoria Park from downtown Hong Kong. The start of this historical tram, dating back to the 1880s, is just outside the Hong Kong U. S. Embassy. The Tram pricing for a day pass runs around $30 for adults and $10 for children. This ride offers a historical experience of a lifetime and exceptional view of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor Line.

Another historically relevant fun activity for the family is a visit to the Hong Kong Space Museum which is located near the base of the Peak on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. This museum offers multiple science and astronomy exhibition halls that include astronomical exhibits about the past, present, and future space programs. This family trip will fit your family budget at around $10 a single ticket, and there are discounts on family packages.

Fun Family Shopping

Hong Kong offers all types of shopping from high end luxury malls to street markets. A market that will bring a twinkle to any child's eye is the Goldfish Market which is just off of Tung Choi Street near downtown Hong Kong. Although it sells fish which are not easily taken home, just being able to browse among the hundreds of exotic fish from around the world without the fee of a pricey aquarium is a unique one-of-a- kind experience. The ancient history and modern development of Hong Kong makes it a necessary destination to any family with all levels of travel experience. The sight-seeing and unique urban setting is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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