Bars and Cafes in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has some of the most vibrant nightlife in the world.  It truly is the "city the never sleeps" matching NY and London pound for pound and dollar for dollar when it comes to bars and clubs. 

The main district that visitors (and locals) will head to at night is Central.  Here you will find Hong Kong's SoHo - a district of bohemian restaurants and bars, as well as the famous Lan Kwai Fong (LKF for short).  LKF and its surrounding area is jam packed with bars and clubs, and hosts a pretty eclectic crowd, consisting of locals, expats and overseas vistors. 

Beyond Central, Wanchai offers a choice of more bars as well as the slightly sleazier side of HK's nightlife.  The infamous girlie bars and pick up joints are here aplenty.  Likewise, Tsimshatsiu (TST) offers a range of good nightlife options, from trendy bars to hostess clubs such as China City for those who are that way inclined.

Causeway Bay also offers a range of bars and lounges, although these may be a little harder for visitors to find, since they tend to cater to a more local crowd.

All in all, if nightlife is what you're after, HK will not disappoint - as long as you know where to go.  It can also be done relatively inexpensively if you pay attention to various offers.  A great resource is Good Times ( which offers heaps of 50% off deals to both bars and restaurants in the areas mentioned above.  The below may also be of some help...

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hush hong kong

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accessibility:Central MTR
tel:852 2537 2281
address:G/F, 2 Glenealy, Central


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A great lounge in one of the most popular areas of Hong Kong. Shelter has good music, a huge selection of drinks and comfortable seating, and it's a great place to wind down after a hard day's work of walking around and seeing all of Hong Kong. Besides Shelter, there are numerous other lounges and bars in the same building, and they are all listed in the lobby.

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accessibility:MTR, bus, walking
address:27th floor, Henry House, 42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

Carnegies Bar

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A great place for a night out.   Good beer, great food and very drunk patrons dancing on the bar after 11pm (they put up a special brass frame so that they don't fall off!).  

The staff are great, fun friendly and helpful.  If you are going to be in HK for a while ask for a membership card and you'll get 10% off everything.

The bar stays open until 4 or 5 am most days.  Happy "hour" from 11am until around 6pm.  Themed nights (Monday, aircrew; Wednesday, ladies night, etc.) add to the fun.  The kitchen closes at 11pm, but more..

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tel:2866 6289
address:G/F 53-55 Lockhart Rd. Wan Chai Hong Kong


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Probably the place hardest for a traveler to get into on Saturday night, primarily due to its small space and the crowds to jam in on the hype.  This venue plays host to world-renowned DJs as well as their own much-loved resident spinners.  The beautiful and famous can all be found here dancing the night away.  But be warned - hanging out with the cool set comes at a price,  In this case it's not money, it's the almost guaranteed humiliation of being rejected at the door unless you 1) have a reservation 2) are a model or celeb 3) are a member.  more..

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tel:2810 1510
address:Basement 38-44 D'Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong
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