Sanya Travel Guide

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A Sanya Travel Guide is a must when you are traveling in the Hainan Island of China. Aside from its favorable location and calm climate, it has become a destination for both the young and the old, as it offers an abundance of nature to enjoy. This travel guide will provide you with information about what Sanya City can offer.

The Perfect Holiday Destination

Sanya City is a perfect destination for holidays and vacation. In fact, others have even dubbed it the "Hawaii of the East." As this small city is located in a peninsula, Sanya guarantees breath-taking scenery. You will be amazed with its rich collection of magnificent beaches that are just what you need to relax and enjoy yourself. Not only is it rich in water resources, it also boasts a natural habitat and wonderful wildlife.


If you are more of a budget-conscious traveler, there are several bed & breakfasts and inns you can choose from in Sanya City. You can avail of budget accommodations for as low as $12. Conversely, if you prefer to stay in a more decent place, you can check in to a couple of first-class hotel and resorts, such as the Sheraton Sanya Resort or Kempinski Resort & Spa for $375 or less per night.

Things to Enjoy

You can visit a lot of interesting landmarks, such as Wuzhizhou Coral Island and Nanwan Monkey Island. Furthermore, if you want to learn more of the city’s culture, you can go to the Binlang Ethnic Village and Nanshan Cultural Tourist Area. You can also enjoy the popular beaches of Yalong Bay, Tianya Haljiao, Dadonghai Bay, and Baifu Bay. While if you are more of the adventurous type, you can try visiting the undersea world by getting help from Hainan Diving's China Diving Club.

Tease the Taste Buds

You can give your taste buds a treat when you visit Sanya. You can enjoy Hainan Food in the city of Sanya, ranging from seafood to other delicious specialties, such as the Wen Chang Chicken, which is a specialty of the China Harvest. If you want a restaurant right within the city center, you can try Hai Ya Restaurant and taste the freshest seafood and sumptuous local dishes.


Sanya has several options when it comes to shopping. Obviously, you will want to pick up some souvenirs to take back home for your family and friends. If you wish to buy souvenirs, you can visit the First Market for cone-shaped hats, Coconut powders and teas. You can also find a lot of pearls sold on the sidewalks and street shops. If you are looking for a wider variety of items, you might want to check out the large supermarkets of the city.


Sanya is the second largest city on Hainan Island . The whole of Sanya is related to the sea. Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape that is totally different from the other cities of China. Yalong Bay, Dadonghai , and Sanya Bay , all golden seaboards of Sanya are some of the first choices for visitors to spend their holidays. The best time to visit Hainan Island is between September and March the next year. provides a Private Travel Guide & Professional Interpreter service to facilitate your vacation or business trip in Sanya.

Jenny’s Summary : Sanya is the best resort in China. Those who are fond of swimming and water sports had better come to Sanya. It's an excellent place for swimming, sun bathing, scuba diving and water sports all the year around, and far away from the crowded cities, it is your best choice for relaxation and entertainment.

Location of Sanya

Sanya is the southernmost city of China and a famous international tropical seaside resort, which is located in the southernmost point of Hainan Island. Sanya is the second largest city in Hainan island, measure 91.6 kilometers from west to east and 51 kilometers from south to north. Sanya has 19 bays and harbors such as Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Sanya Bay, which is the most well-known. And has 40 islands with the West Island being the biggest one covering an area of 105 square kilometers.

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