Hainan island Travel Guide

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This Hainan Island Travel Guide is a source of information for tourists. Tourists can enjoy enjoy going to the forest one day and visiting the beach on the other. The hotels and resorts offer great amenities for tourists to stay in and to rest from a long day.

When to visit

Those people who do not like the rain should avoid visiting Hainan Island between the months of May and October. The winters tend to be cold, however the rest of the year is ideal for swimming. People from all over China and the world visit the beaches of Hainan. 

Sanya City

No Hainan Island Travel Guide is complete without mentioning Sanya. This city is located on the south side of Hainan Island. This city is famous for being a favorite place for tourists. People can go to the rain forest and hike for a while or they can spend their time jet-skiing. Sanya City is home to Monkey Island, this island is the habitat for more than 2,000 macaque monkeys.

Yalong Bay

This is one of the best beaches of Hainan Island. The beach has a party atmosphere since many local students flock to the bay on their free time. The bay is on the eastern side of Sanya City and it is visited by many tourist groups. The bay attracts many different people from all over the world.

Hainan Island Resorts

Holiday Inn Resort offers tourists luxurious rooms that can vary in size and price. There is room service with Western Style foods and Chinese food.  The good part about the hotel is that people can practically walk out of the hotel onto the beach. The resort has an spa that offers massages and exercise activities and a family friendly atmosphere. The lowest a hotel room costs is HRK$3,000.

The Sheraton Sanya Resort in Hainan Island has different types of rooms like the Superior Golf Course room that costs HRK$1,500. The rooms have internet access and cable television. There is a restaurant that serves Chinese food. The hotels has rooms where tourists can overlook the ocean.

Fat Daddy's Eat and Drink

Fat Daddy's should be in any Hainan Island Travel Guide. This place serves a variety of styles of food like American and Indonesian. The restaurant serves anything from and authentic "Fish and Chips" plate to an Indonesian Satay. Tourists can also enjoy the live music bands that are presented every night. 

Situated in the southernmost of China, well-known for its “the end of sky and the rim of the sea?(Tianyahaijiao), Hainan Island, is the famous scenic spot in China for its golden beach, blue sea and the tropical climate. The province is administratively divided into the Hainan, Nansha, Xisha, Zhongsha islands, etc. Also having 3 municipalities, 16 counties and the agencies of the Xisha, Nansha, Zhongsha islands.

(Haikou) is the capital city. The second-biggest city, (Sanya), with its tropical attractions and host to the 2003 Miss World Competion, earns the reputation as “Hawaii of China". Sanya had been a poor little fishing village until 1954 when the government designate it as the Hainan Special Economic Zone. Now there are many fine hotels and golf courses. Many new Hotels are being built to cope with the influx of tourists.Tourism now accounts for 80% of the island’s revenue. Located in the tropical region, this precious island has rich resources of light and energy, plentiful rainfall, and comfortable living conditions. Travellers to the island should make sure their health insurance is up to date as medical expenses can be very expensive. If you intend to visit this jewel now is the time before it becomes too commercialised.


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