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Longsheng Terraced Fields

Longsheng Terraced Fields

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Guilin Li River

The Li River (or Lijiang in Chinese) is one of Guilins main tourist attractions.  It originates in the "Cat Ear Mountains and flows more than 400km through Southern China before ending into the Xi Jiang River.

The 83km stretch between Guilin and Yangshuo, home to the Li River Cruise, is considered the most beautiful part of the River. Even better than experiencing the River by boat or bamboo raft is to take a taxi from Guilin to Yangdi and hike about for hours to Xingping. From here you can take a bus to Yangshuo.

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Backstreet Youth Hostel in Guilin

Backstreet Youth Hostel in Guilin is located at 3 Renmin Rd., adjacent to the Sheraton Hotel in Guilin. An ideal hostel for backpackers, it offers a wide variety of facilities and services such as a restaurant and bar, cafe, daily cleaning service, tourism information desk, great tour packages, movie room, reading room, laundry, rooftop view, etc. Strategically located at the foot of Pedestrian Street, the main tourist hub for restaurants, bars, and shopping.

Yangshuo Village Inn

The Yangshuo Village Inn is located in the Moon Hill Village in Yangshuo China. It is a collaboration between Chris Barclay, owner of the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat and Yu Ti Hui, (Little Fish) the local manager of the Retreat who's family has lived for generations in the Moon Hill Village. Yangshuo is China's hidden gem, featuring spectacular limestone karst towers and tranquil rivers. Also, we have Luna - the best restaurant and bar in Yangshuo China

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat has 22 rooms, and some have balconies overlooking the river and mountains. The food is really good and priced at about what we paid in town. It is mostly westerners staying there, some with families, but also some Chinese. Some people drive up from Guangzhou or Shenzhen just to visit here! The Mountain retreat is highly recommended!

<a hrer=>Guilin</a> is the perfect place for a small boat trip on the picturesque Li River. The scenerey is most spectacular and Guilin has been flooded with tourists since the opening of China. The river is flanked on both shores by limestone mountains; you know what to expect from the Chineses paintings you have undoubtedly seen. Most cruises last a day with lunch included. The normal end point is the small town of Yangshuo, where you can rent bicycles to ride through the countryside.
To get a real feel for the culture of the area its good to hire a qualified, Englsih speaking guide:

For most western tourist Yangshuo is a better place to stay than Guilin itself. The beauty of the limestone crags is also found within Guilin itself. Visit the Seven Star Park which has caves and a zoo (more pandas). Guilin is said to be founded in 214 BC. The best season to visit is autumn. The town itself is not developed, but it's modern, clean and organized, and a good place to spend a day exploring several smaller hills within its boundaries. You can also take some spicy Guilinjiang, a type of pepper sauce back home.

Guilin is almost 400 km northwest of Guangzhou.

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Reasons to visit Yangshuo Guilin China:
1.   Guilin is one of the 10 Major Scenic Spots and Historical Sites in China and one of four  major must-see cities in China recommended by World Tourism Organization.

2.   Guilin is the only place within China that has beautiful limestone mountains together with beautiful rivers.
3.   Guilin area is home to the ethnic Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong people and is featured with colorful and varied national traditions with rich and elegant folk customs.
4.   Li River is the symbol of China's natural landscape. Cruise downstream on serene Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo and feast your eyes on green towering pinnacles, crystal waters and bamboo groves. Water buffalo patrol the fields, ducks paddle on the waters, farmers reap paddies, cormorant fish and kids splash in the water. You will be imbued with a strong sens of returning to the nature of the Garden of Eden.
5.   Yangshuo of Guilin is becoming the backpackers' Mecca and lovers' paradise. Relax yourself in one of the cafes in simple and unsophisticated old West Street. Drink beer or coffee, telling your stories or listen to travel stories with the people from all over the world.

6.   Enjoy a leisurely bike ride in Yangshuo countryside to appreciate its charm: karst peaks, villages, rivers, rice fields and friendly farmers - immersing you in nature and culture as you pedal along.
7.   There are thousands of hills and caves to explore. You can bathe in mud in the water cave as well as rock climbing in the hills.
8.   Trek the magnificent terraced fields in Longsheng County. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop.
9.   Watch the "Impression Lightshow "  China's largest outdoor performance with the Li River and mountains as a natural stage and backdrop.
10.  Sample delicious local specialties, such as Steam Li River Fish, Beer Fish, Snail with special flavor, Fried Shrimp, Braised Pork with taro.  you can visit the  

Part or or all of this text stems from the original article at: Located in the heart of Moon Hill village in beautiful Yangshuo China, this charming family-run hotel offers guests stunning views from eight beautifully decorated rooms and an unforgettable rooftop dining experience. Owners Chris Barclay and Xiao Yu (Little Fish) have 8 years of Yangshuo accommodation experience and bring this mixture of western and Chinese hospitality to the Yangshuo Village Inn.


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