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China’s landscape is intersected by some of the world’s mightiest rivers. Hence, most China Cruises are focused on exploring the landscape along these rivers. Visitors planning China Cruises can consider the following options:

Li River Cruise

Li River forms an integral part of the scenic Guilin province of China. This cruise usually begins from the origin of the river, near Mountain Cat, located in Xinan County. This is a rather long cruise, spanning across 170 km, with the water being rough in some parts. Visitors aboard this cruise get to witness the countryside beauty of the Pingle County that is otherwise omitted from most standard tour packages. For most part of the cruise, the immediate landscape consists of snow-covered peaks, rocky cliffs, green hills, and crystal-clear waters. The Li River cruise includes traveling along the Guilin-Ox Gorge waterway. Here, the cruise borders along hamlets around the foothills of the mountains. Attractions include the Elephant Hill and Clear-Vase Hill, Millstone Hill, and Forest of Odd Peaks. Some cruises also include visiting the Father and Son Cave and the Longmen Village. Other cruise attractions include Water-Dropping Village, Caoping Village, Wave Stone Scenery and Mural Hill. The last part of the cruise is usually the bamboo village of Yangshuo.

Yangtze River Cruise

The Yangtze cruise is equally famous, wherein visitors get to see the Three Gorges region. Some of the Yangtze River cruises include stops at the ancient villages where remains of the prehistoric Chinese civilization are still present. Sights from the cruise liner include a view of Mount Jiu Hua and the commercial ports of Shanghai. A Yangtze River cruise invariably passes along important towns like Chongqing and Fengdu. One of the most popular Yangtze-cruise destinations is the Snow Jade Cave.

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