Beaches in China

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China has a staggering 18000 km of coastline . The waters of the Bohai Sea, Huanghai Sea, East China Sea and South China Sea give the huge coastline different looks and characteristics. Some of the best China Beaches are as follows.

Beidaihe Beach

Blessed with a beautiful and calm setting, Beidaihe is a stunning coastal village and a wonderful getaway for tourists from the hubbub of city life. Unlike other beaches, Beidaihe Beach is flanked by green pines and cypresses. This beach overlooks 2 beautiful peaks of Mt. Lianfeng covered by lush green vegetation. This is one of the best tourist spots for watching the sunrise in the entire country of China.  A fascinating park called Lotus Stone is perched at the base of Mt. Lianfeng. You will notice several rock formations around the beach. Some of these rock formations are shaped like crouching tigers and some just resemble the unique frame of an eagle.

Beihai Silver Beach

Located in the north of Gulf of Tonkin, Beihai is one of the most visited beach towns in all of China.  The lukewarm sea water temperature, silvery sand and gentle waves make this beach arguably the best beach in China. This beach is around 24 km of length and its width varies from 3 to 1000 meters at different places. The beach has got almost all types of facilities starting from exotic villas to exquisite Chinese restaurants. There are 2 things you should keep in mind though. Beihai is one of the most polluted cities of China. The pollutants spread to the beach in some places. Sometimes the waves that hit the shore exceed 5 meters in height, so you should watch for the weather report when you visit this beach.

Huiquan Beach

Situated in the province of Qingdao, Huiquan Beach is definitely the best beach for bathing in China and very popular among the tourists. It is one of the most crowded beaches in the world and is popular for its beautiful clear water, warm temperature all through the year and a beautiful city along the coastline. If you visit at the right time, you can also take part in the famous kite festival or the sand castle competition which is organized on the beach every year. This beach has some lovely classic Chinese and Korean restaurants and hotel restaurants that serve excellent seafood.

Dadonghai Beach

Dadonghai Beach is a typical tropical beach in the south of China. The sand is much softer on this beach and this beach is flanked by long and beautifully lined-up coconut trees. This beach is best in the winter months for its comfortable temperature and is ideal for swimming and surfing.

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