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Morning Calligraphy

Morning Calligraphy

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The Yangtze River is the longest river in China , snaking its way 6,300 kilometers from western China ’s Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the East China Sea . For over two centuries the Yangtze River has served as a transportation highway and commercial thoroughfare. Nowadays, the Yangtze River has attracted millions of tourists from home and abroad for the visit and has become one of the most popular china tours For those who would like to cruise along the Yangtze River , below are some tips for your reference:


1.        Climate & Clothing


The climate of the Three Gorges region is within the sub-tropical climate area of Central Asia . The annual temperature averages 18.4 ℃ ( 65.1 ℉ ) with a range from the coldest month in January being 7.1 ℃ ( 44.8 ℉ ) to the hottest month in July being 29.3 ℃ ( 84.7 ℉ ). The best tour time is from April through October. Winds in the gorges area are relatively strong with fixed wind directions from either the east or west. In the winter time, due to the low water level, only a few of cruises are in business.


As for the clothing, the light sweater, jacket, or water-proof coat is highly recommended when you cruise the Yangtze River in spring and fall. In the summer time, the sunglasses, suntan oil and sandals are necessary. Besides, a pair of comfortable walking shoes is a must all the time.


2.        Excursion


The cruise has its scheduled timetable with fixed shore excursions for two to three hours every day. Since from the day you board the cruise, you will receive the detailed timetable list for the next day every evening.


The excursions activities range from Shennong Stream Drifting, Three Gorges Dam Sightseeing, Shibaozhai Wooden Pagoda to Baidi Temple , Wanzhou County , etc. Except that Three Gorges Dam is always included in the schedule, all the others depend on the water level at that time and arrangement of the cruise company. Besides, some cruises offer the optional shore excursions activities for sightseeing, shopping and outdoor sports, etc.


3.        Entertainment


When you are on board, you have chance to learn about Chinese culture besides of viewing the scenery. The cruise will prepare some theme topics on Chinese culture, such as Chinese painting &calligraphy, Chinese reflexology, Three Gorges Dam Project, etc. Sometimes Chinese Mahjong class is included. It provides you a good chance to get to know Chinese culture and make some new friends.  


There are recreation rooms for Chinese chess, Mahjong, library room, gym room, the ball and café bars available on board. If you are early bird, you can follow the master to practice Taiji on the sundeck in the morning. The three-star and up cruises will hold the welcome and farewell party to entertain the guests. Also you will be invited to take part in the programs and show you talents.


4.          Dinning


When you are on board, three meals are included. Most of the cruises offer buffet breakfast in both Chinese & western style and Chinese table lunch & dinner. Coffee and tea are available. And the alcohol drinks are charged. Catering times are announced on the public address system. All the tables are fixed for the convenience of the service.



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