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Following is a Rasalkhaimah travel guide for tourists who are visiting this UAE emirate. Located towards the northern end of UAE’s Persian Gulf coast, it is nestled between the Arabian Gulf and Hajar Mountains. Rasalkhaimah has a 27 mile coastline that includes tranquil lagoons and golden sand beaches and also shares Oman ’s mountainous borders. This makes it an ideal destination for all kinds of travelers. However, this emirate remains undiscovered to the larger population of tourists.

History of Rasalkhaimah

This emirate was first known as Julfar and during the 8th and 9th century it was inhabited by the Azd. This was part of the Kahlan tribe, one of the two kinds of aboriginal Arabs. The beginning of the 18th century saw the Qawasim tribe establish itself in Rasalkhaimah. In the 19th century, the powerful Qawasim tribe was thwarted by a British force that attacked and took over the city. Rasalkhaimah became completely independent in 1869 and in 1972, under the rule of Sheikh Saqr bin Muhammad al-Qasimi, Rasalkhaimah joined the UAE.

Culture and Heritage

Rasalkhaimah has a rich culture and heritage due to its historical naval past which made it an important trade center. Tourists can get a glimpse into this ancient emirate’s rich and varied heritage at the Rasalkhaimah Museum. The museum not only displays people’s traditional life, but also showcases artifacts from several archeological sites in the emirate. Some of these include Hulaylah, Fashghah, Dhayah and Ghalilah, making Rasalkhaimah an ideal destination for history lovers.


Thanks to its long coastline, Rasalkhaimah offers tourists a number of beaches to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Most hotels and resorts here have their own beautiful private beaches. There are many that also include lagoons where tourists can enjoy water activities like wakeboarding, banana boat rides, windsurfing and body-boarding.

Other Activities

For tourists who want more than just beach fun, there are other activities this emirate offers due to its diverse landscape. Many hotels and resorts can arrange excursions into the mountains and desert safaris. A swim in the Khatt thermal springs is another good option for tourists who want to get away from the beaches. Rasalkhaimah also offers activities for adventurous tourists as they can take a 1 or 2 day hike into the mountains. Tourists looking for a typical Arabic experience can visit the camel races, which are popular among the Saudi people.

Like most of the other emirates, Rasalkhaimah boasts of many shopping malls and restaurants. Transportation is easily available and inexpensive. As it hasn’t become a popular tourist destination yet, it is less crowded and can meet different budgets. However, Rasalkhaimah is currently working round-the-clock to grow its tourism industry and become a popular tourist spot.

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