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khor fkhan

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Fujairah is part of the United Arab Emirates, and over recent years the region has seen economic and social growth. Fujairah is a business destination as well as a popular starting point to explore tourist attractions along the east coast. The surrounding area is picturesque with mountainous scenery and the clear Arabian Sea.


Water sport facilities are available and the conditions for fishing are good. There is a variety of marine life, making diving a popular activity. For adrenaline junkies, off road driving through the deserts among ancient boulders is an option for a day activity. Power boat racing is popular in the region and the annual Power Boat Racing World Championship is held in October.


Fujairah International Airport was constructed in 1987, making Fajuairah easy to access by air. Highways and a good road system make traveling around Fujairah by car a viable option. Fajairah is a 2-hour drive from Dubai. Fajairah is also accessible by bus and there are regular buses from Dubai and surrounding countries. The buses are cheap and the service is reliable, but men and women have separate seating areas. Taxis are another method of transport to reach Fujairah or to travel within the region. There are many taxis in the area and they're easy to catch. It is difficult to get around the city on foot, as there are few pedestrian facilities.


Fujairah Fort is located just outside the city. Diba city has beautiful beaches and it is located 30 kilometers from Fujairah. From Fujairah you can also take a boat to the islands in in the Gulf of Oman. Visit Khor Kalba to enjoy the beaches, go for a picnic or to go bird watching.


Local shops sell items such as plants and spices. There are also shops that sell copies of brand name merchandise. Souvenirs are more commonly sold in the shops located in large hotels.


Fujairah is a mountainous region and therefore has a higher rainfall than the surrounding desert areas. Fujairah experiences warm temperatures with seasonal differences. From October until March there are cooler temperatures, with the average  temperature being 25C. During summer the temperature reaches 40C.


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