When to Go in Dubai

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Dubai is a dazzling, effervescent and opulent city that doesn’t believe in playing down its charm and flaunts its avant-garde landscape and penchant for luxury with gusto. Here is a guide to the best time to visit this Middle East hotspot that has now become a melting pot of several races and cultures.

Dubai Shopping Festival

The best time to visit Dubai is undoubtedly during the Dubai Shopping Festival if you are a hardcore shopping enthusiast or even if you are just looking to take a casual family trip to the city. The normally spirited region is transformed into an even more buzzing mass of land with a host of events, performances, road shows, fairs, exhibitions and night-long revelry in an infectious carnival-like atmosphere. Visitors can benefit from some super deals and discounts on a range of items like apparel, accessories, travel gear, electronics, furniture and virtually anything that can be bought. The festival is hosted in February and visitors are advised to book well in advance since all hotels are packed to their capacity during DSF.

Ramadan The end of Ramadan is also one of the best times to visit Dubai, though the dates of the holy fasting month are never fixed and change every year according to the Islamic calendar. Visitors can get to feast on a variety of scrumptious meat delicacies that are served after the day-long fasting ends and witness a festival atmosphere in this desert oasis. Most businesses and restaurants open only in the evening and bars and clubs remain closed during the holy month. Though leisure and recreation options are limited during Ramadan, the end of Ramadan is a nice time to experience the cultural and festive spirit of Dubai.


The temperature of Dubai is pleasant from the months between October and April. The clear skies, cooler climate and soft evening beach breezes can be best enjoyed during these months. The hot, humid and arid summers from May to the beginning of October can be absolutely uncomfortable. The temperatures at times soar to over 120°F in the months of July and August. Sandstorms are a regular climatic feature in the months of March and April but Dubai is at its glorious best from December to February when the emirate experiences more pleasant climate conditions.

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