Top 5 Must Do's in Dubai

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Dubai started out as a little fishing village and blossomed into a top tourist destination, creating attractions that people the world over come to marvel at. Below is a list of 5 in no particular order. 

1. Burj Al Arab- The seven star (although some argue you can not go higher than 5 star) hotel is the world's largest and probably most flamboyant. Designed to resemble a sail boat, this 321 metre high structure sitting atop a man made island, dominates the Dubai skyline. Best seen by beach, and some say by night, this awe inspiring hotel is not open to the public, if you are curious about the interior you must either book a room for the night, or dine at one of their fine eateries. Even though entry is restricted, you won't want to miss out on marveling at the exterior and getting a photo or two. Keep you eyes peeled for an impromptu fireworks display, they are orchestrated every time a VIP arrives, truly spectacular!

2. Traditional Dubai, a pristine neighborhood reminiscent of its early fishing village days, and better known at the Bastakia Quarter, is located between the Dubai Creek and the Bur Dubai district. In the Bastakia Quarter you will find many museums and art galleries intertwined in the maze of streets with the historic buildings towering overhead. A visit through the textile souk is a vivid experience where you can find vibrant fabrics and take a water taxi ride (scenic route) along the waterway. 

3. Man - Made Islands located just offshore is one of Dubai's megaprojects. The first man made island was Palm Jumeirah (palm tree shaped island), second (still in construction) will be Jebel Ali and Deira islands, which will feature an island spelling out a line of poetry by Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, "it takes a man of vision to write on water", and lastly, The World, a cluster of islands forming a world map. If you are interested in owning a country, there are still islands available for sale! You can not access these islands by foot, but you can hire a motor or speed boat to get an up close view. 

4. Indoor skiing is a tourist attraction that you won't find in most other cities, especially cities located in the desert. Ski Dubai is a cool spot with 5 runs that vary in difficulty for skiers and snowboarders. All skill levels will enjoy this indoor snow attraction whether it is in the snowboarders freestyle zone or in the interactive snow park. Ski Dubai has thought of everything, they have rentals on equipment, clothes, and even a professional Snow School. 

5.Wild Wadi is themed around the tale of Juha, a character from Arabian folklore, the waterpark has over 30 rides and attractions. Located next to the Jumeiriah Beach Hotel, this waterpark boasts the largest water slide outside of North America. Fun for the whole family, and a great way to cool off on one of those hot desert days.

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Seawings Sea Plane Tours- No 1 thing to do in Dubai

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Now launching from Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa as well as the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. Seawings seaplane tours offer you the opportunity to take an aerial sightseeing tour of Dubai in the world renowned Cessna 208 Caravan amphibian aircraft. From private charter and corporate events to daily Dubai City Tours and overnight tour packages, Seawings caters to the needs of all tourists, residents and corporate entities in the UAE. We’ve all heard of Helicopter Tours; let Seawings provide you with a new and unique way to See Dubai as Never Before.

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Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai)

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If you are visiting dubai you can not miss a visit to the world's tallest building which is located in the heart of dubai

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