Getting Around in Dubai

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Dubai transportation is now even more convenient, thanks to the introduction of the Metro line. Following are some guidelines for getting around in Dubai.

By Metro

Dubai’s transportation industry received a boost after the introduction of the 32 mile long Metro line in 2009. The Metro connects to the extensive Dubai coastline and also stops at major locations like the International airport and the Burj Khalifa. A single ticket will cost you around AED 8. However, the metro-line does not provide services to the old city center. The frequency of the trains is good, with a train every 7 minutes. If you want to go to Palm Jumeriah or Atlantis Hotel, then you should take the monorail.

By Bus

Dubai Public Transport is a viable option for budget travelers. You can check out the maps of the bus network online. Do not worry about the hygiene aspect, as the buses are quite clean. However, infrequency might cause a problem to the tourists. Taking a bus is a good option if you want to go to the Dubai suburbs. You will require a swipe card to make payments. The swipe card will cost you around AED 20. This particular card can be used for 10 journeys. You can get these cards from all the bus depots or the bus driver.

By Taxi

Taxis are one of the most convenient modes of transport in Dubai. You can easily get taxis outside shopping malls or hotels. Taxi fares are relatively expensive during the peak hours. Taxi fares usually start from AED 1.60. Avoid the unmarked taxis, as they do not have meters installed.

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