Day Trips in Dubai

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Dubai, the city that arose from the desert, offers a host of activities to the increasing amount of tourists frequenting the city. Day trips outside the city limits of Dubai vary greatly and your choices should depend on your specific interests and might include: fauna, culture, sports, shopping and architecture.


If fauna is your thing, you should check out the activities surrounding the cornerstone animal to the arabic culture, the camel. Just on the outskirts of the city take a trip to see the camels. Whether you go and see the camel races or choose to climb on one yourself and take a camel back tour, you will understand why the animal is so important in the Arab world. But, watch-out, they spit. Another great way to take in the fauna in the area is to go bird watching. Home to more than 400 different species of birds, Dubai provides the perfect atmosphere and only minutes from the downtown area.

Arabic Culture

If your travel interests circle around cultural aspects you will love the tours offered to Bedouin Villages on the outskirts of the city. Understanding the culture of these traditional Arabic nomads and their transition to settlements will help give you great insights into the changing face of the Arab culture, while providing a nice escape from the busy Dubai.


For those who enjoy more active endeavors, try sand skiing. This can be enjoyed just outside the city limits. Sand skiing will provide you an active and challenging day surfing the sand dunes. Enjoy a full day out in the desert sand dunes, testing your skills.


If your passion is shopping, you will love what the giant desert malls have to offer, in addition to smaller artisan shops. Dubai is famous for its upscale shopping where you can find cutting edge fashion and electronics. While you're in one of the many markets, be sure to haggle with the shop owners, after all that's part of the fun! A great conversation piece at dinner parties is a traditional Arabic coffee pot and can be picked up at many markets around the city.


The many examples of modern and classic Arabian architecture will keep the avid architectural admirer busy all day. From the Palm Island to the Burj al-Arab hotel, Dubai is a marvel of modern architecture. Venture over to the Bastakiya district to see the old Dubai, the way it used to be. It is quite majestic with its narrow lanes and tall wind-towers and provides a great juxtaposition with the modern marvels of the rest of the city.

Dubai, a bustling metropolis of art, culture, shopping and tours will be sure to keep any tourist busy--the hardest decision you will have to decide what to do first!

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