7 Day Itinerary in Dubai

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Visiting the United Arab Emirates is a grand adventure; here is a great 7-day Dubai itinerary that covers all of the best attractions in the city. A bustling metropolis, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with so much to offer the traveler. Follow this plan day by day or pick and choose your favorite activities to sculpt the perfect trip for your interests.

Day 1 - Arrive and Get Acquainted

Take the first day easy. After arriving on your flight, check into your hotel and spend the afternoon exploring one of the area's exquisite malls. Have a quiet dinner and get to bed early to fight the jet lag.

Day 2 - Exploring and Safari

Spend the morning exploring the city on your own by foot or taxi. Wander your hotel's neighborhood environs or explore some more of the city's myriad of shopping opportunities. After lunch, head out on a half-day safari into the dunes where you can ride a camel, enjoy a great dinner in the moonlight and relax in an authentic Bedouin campsite.

Day 3 - Cruising

Take to the water on a cruise that takes you between 2 seas and mountain and desert landscapes. Great views of Dubai, the surrounding emirates and countless views of the mountains and beaches makes this a memorable trip that you will not soon forget.

Day 4 - Sharjah

Head to Sharjah, the cultural capital of the Arab world. There are numerous museums here dedicated wide-ranging things, including children, traditional games, costumes, the sea and stamps. The city features a thriving art district and many notable homes, mosques, monuments and palaces that can be visited on a half-day city tour. Enjoy the afternoon wandering and exploring on your own after taking the tour and getting your bearings.

Day 5 - Leisure

Spend a day of leisure in Dubai. There are a lot of activities that you could spend your day doing. Cool down at a water park or try snow skiing for a little more adventure. Explore the backstreet shopping in the city or visit another of the city's many malls. Relax over a nice dinner.

Day 6 - Abu Dhabi

No trip to Dubai is complete without visiting neighboring Abu Dhabi. Located just 90 minutes by car from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is easy to reach. Spend half the day on a tour here to explore the sights of this capital city and enjoy shopping in the women's traditional handicraft center afterward.

Day 7 - Return Home

After eating breakfast, if you have time, take advantage of the many spa services available at your hotel or neighboring shops and get pampered before heading home. Return to the Dubai International Airport for your outbound flight.

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