Senior Travel in Al Ain

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Al Ain, United Arab Emirates is a trip that will show you the heart of the desert, yet provide you with the security we all need. The people speak English to a certain degree, so feel at ease if you need help.


Getting from the airport into town will not be a problem. There are buses and taxis that are willing to help you get to your hotel. There is also parking for those who want to rent a car. The parking can be for a short or long time.

Al-Ain Museum

There are many museums to enjoy in Al-Ain. The Al-Ain museum shows the history of the region. It shows how the people lived before oil, and what kind of weapons and jewelry they wore. They also have an area that shows the instruments that many used during that era.

Buraimi Souk

Within walking distance of the museum is a fruit and vegetable market. You can get all kinds of ethnic foods from the region. They also have an animal market where you can see people purchasing livestock. Of course, it's not recommended that you purchase an animal on your vacation.

Diera Gold Souq

This market is the place to go to find precious stones, in many different sizes and colors. It is a very popular spot for those planning their weddings in the Arabian or Indian countries.

Dubai Museum

The oldest area to see is this building. It offers a great history of the Arab nation. It has a large volume of knowledge about the cultures of the Middle East. It will show you the dances from the past, and will play historical music as well. It also is surrounded by a great garden.

Liwa Oasis

From the oasis you can get a great view of the horizon in this country, showing you the true beauty of the region. The camels grazing in the local fields help to add to the feeling of being in a village. It is a popular spot for those wanting to get away from the city.


The area is safe for most travelers. The transportation is excellent and will get you where you want to go. There is even a water taxi to get you across the water. However, make sure to check with your hotel front desk on any areas where it's unsafe to travel. Also, keep your travel information on you at all times. A visa is not required unless you are planning on staying for a great length of time. Most of all, have fun.

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