Museums in Al Ain

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Capital of the eastern mainland region of the Abu Dhabi Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain holds a treasure trove of archaeological discoveries and artifacts going back to the bronze age. It's no surprise that Al Ain's museums are so impressive and extensive including both indoor and outdoor sections with grand displays. Among the most important museums in the city are the Al Ain National Museum, run by the Department of Antiquities and Tourism, the Al Ain Palace Museum, and the Hili Archaeological Park and Gardens.

Al Ain National Museum

The National Museum explores everything from the ancient past of the United Arab Emirates to its recent history. The museum has an archaeological section, with artifacts displayed in chronological order from the Stone Age to the Islamic Period, and an ethnographic section with display rooms dedicated to weapons, agriculture, childhood, pre-oil Abu Dhabi, Jewelry, the household, education, and much more.

Al Ain Palace Museum

The Al Ain Palace Museum is set at the edge of the Al Ain Oasis. The earliest building in the palace compound was built in 1937, but other buildings were added to it over time, most boasting traditional architectural aspects of the area. The palace was originally the residence of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Hili Archaeological Park

The Hili Archaeological Park contains spectacular sites from the Bronze and Iron Ages separated by bright gardens. One of the most famous sites is the Grand Garden Tomb, or Tomb A, which has over 250 skeletons.

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