Getting There in Al Ain

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Al Ain, also known as the "Garden City" is the forth largest city within the United Arab Emirates, and is the second largest city with the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Al Ain is located on the central Eastern side of the UAE, and next to the Eastern border with Oman. Getting to Al Ain can be done fairly easy.

By Air

Al Ain International Airport is located 8 miles north-west of the city center, and is relatively small with only one runway and 5 gates. There are 8 airlines that operate service through Al Ain airport including Gulf Air, Pakistan International Airlines, Alia Royal Jordanian, Egypt Air, MTE Donavia, Qatar Airways, Krasnoyarsk Fras Air, and Uralinteravia. Most flights are domestic coming from either Dubai or Abu Dhabi, but there are some international flights coming in from other Middle Eastern, European, and Asian countries.

By Sea

Al Ain is not a coastal city, therefor there aren't any ferries servicing the Al Ain area. However, there is ferry service to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to/from neighboring Middle Eastern countries. If you are traveling from Iran for instance, you could book passage on a passenger ferry to Abu Dhabi or Dubai and continue by bus or car onto Al Ain.

By Land

Bus service within the United Arab Emirates links most towns and cities, but the service is very limited so it is highly advisable to book well in advance, and pay close attention to timetables (connection times could be lengthy). Road conditions in the UAE are excellent, but it is the UAE drivers you need to be cautious about. Many UAE natives tend to drive extremely fast on highways, as well as rural roads. Traffic regulations are very strict, so be very careful if you decide to rent a car.

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