Getting Around in Al Ain

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Al Ain offers limited transportation opportunities for maneuvering your way through town. Be aware, public transportation remains relatively non-existent for the city as a whole.

Car Rental – Al Ain has its own international airport however there are no car rental offices located on the premises and very few car rental agencies can be found throughout the city. Subsequently, if you want to drive yourself around Al Ain, Al Ghazal Transport remains your best options. Reserve a car rental through them and pick from a wide variety of reliable automobile choices. As an added perk, you can book a hired driver and limo via Al Ghazal Transport as well.

Taxis – Taxis remain the most affordable option for tourists, with fares running much cheaper than what tourists encounter in Europe and the States. They are also easily accessible as they seem to sit on every street corner in Al Ain. Some travelers even rent out cabbies as hired drivers throughout the duration of their stay. Before doing so however, you should make sure your taxi driver owns a valid license and works for a legitimate company. Travelers looking to pamper themselves a bit can hail a silver taxi, which usually offer English speaking drivers and powerful air conditioning --a must while in the United Arab Emirates!

Public Bus Lines – In September 2009 Al Ain launched a new line of public buses which cater primarily to the city center. Overall 9 bus routes comprise the operation with over 100 buses deployed throughout town. Fares remain inexpensive as well. 

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