Festivals in Al Ain

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Al Ain Festivals capture the elegance and multi-cultural connection that this city offers to visitors. Developing as a popular tourist destination, Al Ain offers festivals at differing times of the year. Music fills the air during the well-known festivals of Al Ain, providing tourists with a cultural experience while travelling to this destination.

Classical Music Festival

Al Ain Classical Music Festival features rankings across the globe for being one of the most popular music festivals. The Classical Music Festival of Al Ain runs in March for a little over a week. This festival covers classical music from Mozart to Opera. Two special evenings are set aside for ladies only during the 11 day presentation.

Al Ain Aerobatic Show

Several teams of military and civil aircraft come together from across the globe for this Al Ain festival. Teams fly through the air doing aerobatic flips and somersaults with planes and skydivers. This long-running sport festival of Al Ain offer spectators competitions and stunt displays to witness before their eyes. Some of the most dare-devil stunts have been performed at this Al Ain festival in all of aviation history.

Shopping Festival

Al Ain adds a new festival to their list in the summer months of June through August. Al Ain has put together this festival to become the premier destination for shopping. Hosted by Bawadi Mall, the shopping festival provides fun for the whole family. Tourists and residents to Al Ain and nearby cities are welcome to join in the festivity.

Car Festival

Car festival in Al Ain races into town in March annually. Cars range from dated Bentleys to modern racing cars. The Cup is at stake as drivers compete against each other to win. Spectators can enjoy the race while seated at nearby cafes, restaurants, or hotels to cheer on the drivers. If you are competing in the race, this rally offers award to the winner with the Al Ain Hill Climbing Cup.

Camel Racing

Camel racing is a popular sport in Al Ain. The season begins in October and lasts through March. Regular events are held for racing the camels at Camel Race Track. The admission for visitors is free and offers the most exciting races and atmosphere. If you plan your travel to Al Ain just right, you can experience the Classical Music Festival and see camel racing.

Travel the Al Ain festivals during different times of the year offers much for tourists to do and experience.

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