Family Travel Ideas in Al Ain

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Located in the eastern region of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, Al Ain is a great place to visit. It is also called the Garden City of the Gulf due to the many oases present in the city. The destination is full of greenery and the skyline is dotted with green trees.

Al Ain National Museum

Be sure to visit the Al Ain National Museum. This museum has a great archaeological and ethnographical collection that includes some spectacular second millennium gold pendants and an important coin collection. There are interesting reconstructions of a traditional majilis and local life. Besides, there is a huge collection of gifts received by the President from visiting statesmen and royalty. Apart from this, the museum houses a reconstruction of the Grand Hili tomb and its rock engravings.


There are many restored and ruined forts and settlements to be seen in the area. Jahili Fort is a large one and was restored recently. It is set in its own grounds and is located close to the public garden. Make sure that you also visit the Mujairib Fort and Al Muwaiji Fort.

Hili Archaeological Site

There are many archaeological excavations in the area which has seen settlements since the Bronze Age. This place is famous among residents for its beautiful garden. There are a large number of Bronze Age and Iron Age sites, dating to c.2500–400 BC here.

Jebel Hafeet

This is a 1340-metre-high mountain that dominates the surrounding area. Most tourists visit the mineral springs at the base and to drive up to the mountain top to watch the sun set. The mountain top offers many stunning views across the dessert dunes.

Al Ain Oasis

This is right at the center of the city. There are other oases dotted around the area -- all cool retreats in the middle of the summer heat.


Al Ain has an International standard Go-Kart circuit. The Al Ain Raceway was the host of the 2007 Rotax Max World Karting Finals. It is now open to the general public.

Heritage Village

Apart from these there is a Heritage Village that is also worth a visit. This village brings alive the traditional Bedouin lifestyle and culture. There are courtyard homes, rudimentary irrigation systems followed by erstwhile natives, and compact tents. The best feature of the center is the workshop. Here artisans and craftsmen can be seen working hard to create perfect masterpieces. The village also has a folk art museum that displays great works from the region.

If you have young children with you they will also appreciate visits to the zoo, amusement park, and Central Garden. The amusement park is appropriately named Fun City.

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