Eating Out in Al Ain

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Al Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and many visitors are drawn to this oasis in the desert. Al Ain is often referred to as "The Garden City" and its restaurants are wide-ranging, much like the variety of visitors the city sees annually. Depending on your mood, Al Ain probably has the cuisine to match.

Horse & Jockey

Considered the only pub in town, this typical sports bar located in the InterContinental Inn serves a variety of bar food. The fare here ranges from bangers and mash to chips and curry. The food here is actually decent and the pub services the late-night crowd. The environment at the Horse & Jockey is very casual, and it is a good place for a cold beer and quick bite to eat.

Casa Romana

Casa Romana is a good Italian option located next to the lobby within the Hilton hotel. The service is questionable, but the fare is good. The menu holds all the classics as some of its popular options are fettuccine Alfredo, pizzas and lamb chops. The vegetarian platter is a great option for an appetizer with fresh artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers.

Min Zaman

Location: Al Ain Rotana, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Min Zaman is a fantastic Arabic/Lebanese establishment located in the Al Ain Rotana. The portions are large, and delightful. Min Zamanprovides on-stage entertainment with talented belly dancers for the diners' enjoyment, and provides classic Arabic and Lebanese dishes such as garlic labneh, beet root salad, lamb kibbeh, homous, tabbouleh and mutabbel. Entrees include lamb, chicken, and beef Zaman courses--and enough of it to feed an army. The experience at Min Zaman is second to none.


Location: InterContinental Al Ain Resort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Tanjoreis, located in the InterContinental Al Ain Resort, is an Indian restaurant with a low key ambiance (hard to come by in Al Ain). The decor is minimal, but the flavors are delightful and plentiful. Tanjore's specialities are brought from the Northern Indian areas and they also focus on Tandoori. The curries at Tanjore come prepared to order, and the dhal Tanjoreis, the house speciality is made with lentil beans in a creamy gravy served with saffron rice and garlic naan. Tandoor hansh, marinated duck cooked in a clay oven, is another house dish that is very well-executed. The menu is typical of most Indian restaurants, but the chefs have perfected their specialities.

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