Day Trips in Al Ain

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Ai Ain is the fourth largest and one of the most fascinating cities of the Abu Dhabi Emirates. The oasis area, dessert safaris, forts and other outdoor activities make for enjoyable day trips from the desert hotspot. Here are a few ideas on taking day trips from Al Ain.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai is located at a mere 120 kilometers from Al Ain and is a fantastic day trip idea. Visitors can take the thrilling, brusque and brash desert safari through the intimidating sand dunes of the region and treat themselves to a sumptuous buffet and some fine belly dancing at a desert camp. The ride and entertainment session last for about for 3-4 hours and is priced at $65 per person. Day trippers from Alain can also indulge in some duty free shopping and indoor skiing at the sprawling Mall of Emirates. Other good sightseeing options are Jumeira Beach, the most popular tourist hangout in Dubai, the luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel, created on a spectacular artificial island or the Wild Wadi theme water park.

Heritage Village

The striking Heritage Village nestled a few kilometers from Al Ain in the Corniche region, brings alive the traditional Bedouin lifestyle and culture in the form of quaint courtyard homes, rudimentary irrigation systems followed by erstwhile native and compact tents. The most extraordinary feature of the center is the workshop, where artisans and craftsmen are seeing toiling to create perfect masterpieces of their trade. There is a folk art museum in the premises that showcases magnum opuses from the region’s artistic legacy. Admission is free and the opening hours are from 8:30am to 5pm.

Liwa Oasis

Several tour operators in Al Ain offer day trips to Liwa Oasis, located at approximately three hours from Al Ain. The destination is a miraculous fusion of nature with isolated sand dunes being punctuated with patches of lush green land. Visitors can enjoy camel rides and evening camps. The oasis itself comprises of a bunch of small villages that look stunning with their fresh water pools and date plantations.

Petroleum Exhibition

The source of the region’s affluence, the oil and petroleum industry is interestingly showcased in the Petroleum Exhibition, a permanent demonstration of interactive displays, audio-visuals and photographs depicting the facts, events and background of the evolution and development of the ‘black gold’ industry. The center is located a few kilometers from Al Ain and is open from Saturday to Wednesday from 7am to 2pm.

Al Ain’s superb desert landscape and chic surrounding cities provide several opportunities for day trips with enjoyable evening camps, desert safari rides, visits to heritage centers, swanky malls and water parks.

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