When to Go in Turkey

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After reading about the many attractions in Turkey, when to go is instantly the next question you might ponder. As you imagine yourself exploring the beautiful wonders of Istanbul's Grand Bazaar or touring the Princes’ Islands, you want to make sure the weather is just right. You do not want it to be rainy, or very cold. However, you would not want to endure temperatures in the hundreds mixed with high humidity either. As you are beginning the process to planning your trip, we have a few tips that might help you decide on when to go.

Regions & Seasons

With seven different regions, Turkey has a diverse climate. Along the coast of the Marmara Sea that is called the Marmara region, the weather is moderate with temperatures falling below zero in the winter. To the west, the Aegean region has a mild Mediterranean climate with calm temperatures. In the heart of the country in the region called Central Anatolian region where the landscape has many hills and mountains, the temperature gets colder with snow at the highest peaks. This is the location of Anatolian Plateau, where the temperatures are nice during the summer and freezing during the winter. To the south lies the Mediterranean region where the weather is the same as the Aegean region. Around the Black Sea region, the climate is wet, warm and humid. In the Eastern and Southeastern region of Anatolia, the weather is harsh during the winter and moderate during the summer.

The winter season in Turkey is nothing out of the norm. The weather is cold and chilly. There is much rainfall and in the high elevations, plenty of snow. It starts in mid-November and ends early March. The weather during the summer is very hot and extreme. Five of the seven regions experience server temperatures ranging into the high hundreds. There is little to no rain and the weather is humid. The autumn season is calm and mild. The days are shorter and the chance of rain increases, as you get deeper into the season. Lastly, the spring season has moderate weather in every region with longer days and few rain showers.

When to Go

When deciding to travel to Turkey, the best time to go is during the spring season. With longer days and comfortable weather, this would be an ideal time to visit.

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