Top 5 Must Do's in Turkey

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Discovering Turkey side things to do offers lots of options for history and adventure in this region. A vacation in Turkey can provide many memorable experiences when visiting.

Adventure Travel

Turkey offers many adventures for anybody who enjoys the outdoors. Lycian Way offers trekking that winds about 311 miles among Fethiye to Antalya. Turkey offers its most amazing scenic views during a month of walking this area.

Rafting along the four rivers in Turkey is also among the side things to do. Many experts in rafting vote this region to be one of the top quality rafting spots around the globe. The four rivers include the Dalaman, Koprulu, Zamanti, and Coruh Rivers.


Shopping at the Grand Bazaar at Istanbul is among the many places not to miss. If you are definitely not on a budget you can shop at the up market Nisantasi and Istiklal Caddesi for one of the kind goods. Some other things to do at Istanbul are to go to the princes Islands, by ferry.

Cars are definitely banned here, and you are going to be traveling all over this place in bicycles or in carriages drawn by horses. This is one of the most popular getaways for people living in Istanbul. You might even want to smoke a tobacco narghile or sisha, and definitely taste Turkish coffee at any of the cafes under Galata Bridge in Istanbul.

Galata Tower

Discover the Galata Tower that stands nine stories high above the city of Istanbul. This popular tourist attraction offers a splendid view of the city from the high observation deck located at the top. Capture some of the most breathtaking views of this region from the structure and relive memorable moments from the pictures. The Tower also features entertainment for eating along the upper area of this location.

Tour the Region

Tours are offered for many of the most ancient sites located in Turkey. The ruins, palaces, and temples within Turkey have tours that provide many hours of history and viewing. If you are interested in learning about the rich history that Turkey has to offer, be sure to book a tour ahead of time to include in the side things to do itinerary of Turkey.

Relax in a Bath

You might also want to soak yourself in a Turkish bath hammam accompanied with a massage and a scrub. The most popular Turkish baths in Istanbul are Galatasaray, and Cağaloğlu. So enjoy and experience of your life time in a historical hot Turkish bath. Other things to do, in Turkey are watching the whirling dervishes dancing their ritual in Istanbul or in Konya. Enjoy this list of things to do in Turkey!

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