Sights in Turkey

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Turkey sights include castles, palaces, museums and mosques. With such a variety of attractions there is something to interest everyone. Turkey has a fascinating history and many important battles were fought in the region. Turkey is situated along the Mediterranean coast and visitors will find beautiful beaches to explore. There is an abundance of adventure activities for thrill seekers. Bazaars offer shopping opportunities and the local restaurants produce delicious Turkish cuisine.

Anitkabar Museum

Anitkabar Museum is located in Ankara. It has 3 different display areas. One of the exhibitions consists of Ataturk's personal items and gifts that he received. There are also photos and documents on display. The second exhibition contains information and artifacts pertaining to the Canakkale War. Weapons make up part of the display. The third exhibition illustrates the events from the War of Independence until 1938.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Housed in a castle the site of the museum is in itself an attraction. The museum was set up in 1964 and the castle was renovated during this time. The museum consists of 14 sections. The exhibitions predominately consist of underwater items. The Glass Hall was set up in 1986. It contains an illuminated glass display. Some of the items date back to the 14th century. Part of this section is a model which provides information on how artifacts were excavated from the water. Uluburun Shipwreck Hall contains artifacts from the Uluburun shipwreck.  Items found include copper and glass.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is named after the blue tiles that decorate the inside of the building. The building is beautiful designed and consists of domes and minarets. The interior is decorated with a flower motif. Visitors should dress respectfully and  remove their shoes when entering the mosque. Take a scarf to cover your hair if you are a woman. Outside the mosque is a courtyard. The Blue Mosque is in Istanbul and is easily accessible by public transport. Entrance is free.

Haghia Sophi Museum

Haghia Sophia Museum is located in Istanbul. It was constructed as a religious site by Justinian is the 6th century. Over the years items inside the church were stolen. In 1453 the building was turned into a mosque. The mosque was turned into a museum in 1936. A remarkable feature of the museum is the beautiful mosaics adorning the inside of the building.

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İskilip Ulu Camii

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İskilip, Çorum ili'ne bağlı bir ilçe ve bu ilçe merkezinin adıdır. Tarihsel bir coğrafyanın adı olarak da kullanılır. Tarihte verilen adları da; İskila, Andrapa / Andrapolis, Blocium / Bloacium, Neoclaudiopolis, Neopolis, Iskelib, İskelib, İmad (Direklibel)'dir.

Osmanlı dönemi Kanuni sonrası batılı kaynaklarında özellikle Fransız kaynaklarında adı Esculape (Eskülap) olarak da anılmıştır.

Tarihi olarak İskilip sözcüğü ilk kez Sümer destanlarından olan Gılgamış more..

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