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Turkey Side budget travel is definitely not a thing to be taken lightly, especially going to the Middle East for the first time. Not only is there a complete cultural difference, but the whole civilization can be completely different from others. That is the reason Turkey Side budget travel is something completely new, unique, and exhilarating.

Palaces and Mosques on a Budget

Now, for a person who does not want to go on a guided tour but wants to explore Turkey by himself, there are plenty of good options for budget travel. Definitely plan not to miss the Topkapi Palace, the romantic home of the sultans of Turkey. Then, visit the Hagia Sophia, which was formerly a Byzantine church changed into a mosque and now is one of the greatest museums in Europe. It has more than 30 million mosaic tiles made of gold plating. Both of these are popular tourist attractions in this area and charge a reasonable fee (under $15) for entry.

Bosporus Strait

Visit the Bosporus strait, which usually costs around $55 and may include a lunch, on the Side budget travel itinerary. Enjoy history? You would naturally want to see the ancient civilizations Museum and spend about $55 more to enjoy viewing the Unknown Treasures of Istanbul. These are a great way to spend one of the days within this area of Turkey on a budget.

Troy Relics and the Acropolis

After that, plan to visit the Aegean coast and see the past splendor of Troy with 5000-year-old relics dating back to 9 civilizations. Naturally, you would also want to see the more than 3000-year-old Acropolis at Pergamum, (Bergama) on a Turkey Side budget travel itinerary. There are several tours that last for about 8 hours and cost around $70. If preferred, the admission fee without the tour is less than $10.

Classic Temples

For all those who like exploring, definitely plan not to miss the Miss Ephesus, which is one of the best preserved classical cities of ancient times. Plan a visit to the Hadrian Temple, Celsius' library and the house where Mother Mary spent the last days of her life.

These wonders are found in Kusadasi, where the Temple of Apollo built by Didyma as well as the ruins of the city of Miletus, and Hierapolis is located. Additionally, spending $25 will provide entry to one of the best preserved archaeological sites of Greek and Roman times - Aphrodisias.

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