Senior Travel in Turkey

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When traveling to Turkey, senior travel is extremely easy. Cities and locations accommodate the unique needs and wants of the older traveler. With relaxing and worry-free cruises, hotels with unique amenities and tours of the landscape that also accommodate senior travelers, a trip to Turkey is an ideal vacation.

Legacy Ottoman Hotel - Istanbul

Mature travelers have a unique set of needs that need to be met. When booking a hotel, it is important to find accommodations that fit those needs and in Istanbul, the Legacy Ottoman Hotel does just that. Situated on a slight elevation, the hotel boasts stunning views of the old city and surrounding countryside. Also surrounded by major historic sites, tourist attractions and museums, this location is within walking distance to many popular spots. The rooms feature individually controlled air conditioning and heaters, standard amenities such as toiletries, mini bars, safety deposit boxes and room service. A restaurant on the ground floor and complimentary buffet breakfast ensures meals are not an issue. Another feature this hotel offers as well are rooms that are equipped for disabled travelers. Stablility bars, no-slip mats in the bathroom and other additional safety features are a must for senior travelers. The hotel also offers a wellness center that caters to any health needs.

Tour - The Best of Turkey

One of the best ways to explore a new country is to embark on a guided tour or cruise. Not only do these tours and cruises let you see all of the sights a new country or city has to offer, they are usually all inclusive, making it extremely easy for you to enjoy the countryside without having to worry about meals, accommodations, entertainment and medical care. One such tour is the Best of Turkey. Departing from Istanbul, this tour starts with a guided day tour of old Istanbul. You will then enjoy a day cruise along the scenic Bosphorus ending with a flight to Ankara. The rest of the cruise is planned out this way; cruises and flights take you from destination to destination and tour guides take you to each sight. Having everything planned out for you in this way ensures a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

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