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Since January 2005, new Turkish Lira has been used (YTL). Not any longer, the old currency and values won't be accepable. One Euro is about 2 YTL.

Please, do not forget to trade about the cost everywhere. Paying in Turkish liras is always cheaper than in US dollars or euros.

Be careful! Do not destroy Turkish money in front of local people. I was arrested in Alania only because I had dropped some coins to the water!


While traveling here you should keep in mind that Turkey is an Islamic country that really has worked hard to nurture tolerance and respect for secularism. It is only fair that tolerance and respect be shown in return. Beach clothes are fine in the resorts or while on a boat, but dress up a bit for trips into cities, especially if your pans include a visit in or near a mosque. If you are eating out at a restaurant, use common sense. Turkish people (especially the young) have a Euro sensibility and tend to dress smartly to meet friends for a meal or a Raki. Bacon and other pork products will be harder to find the further to venture from the resort towns. Don’t forget your manners. Turkish people like you to look at them when you speak. Clicking your tongue is interpreted as an abrupt dismissal. Placing your hands on your hips means that you have been angered.


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The local currency is the Turkish Lira (TRL)

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