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olympos - çıralı

olympos - çıralı


This is a backpacker destination  which offers  lots of fun, the hostel lifestyle in a treehouse environment (that's right  - the area has a number of Pansyons that have built rooms on trees  to court the backpacking traveller), and magnificently accessible ruins walking to the  ancient Olympos.  The beach is long curve which ends at a castle ruins which you can explore - beyond it are a few hillside trails that allow for even more exploring.

There are organised trips to see the ancient "Chimera" or perpetual flame on the side of the hills at night, and it is sometimes done in a tractor towed trailer!  However, there is steep hill to walk  to the site.  The natural gas seepage on the surface burns if you lighted with a match.  There is a ruin of church at the site where the people used the same gas for cooking...

Olympos is a great place to relax or to party depending on the pansyon you decide to stay at - and two meals are usually included in the accommodation price (which is done per person) so the cost is really quite minimal - unless you drink all your money away (which is not entirely unlikely in many cases!).

12 Feb 2007 - Turkish Daily News Reports that a massive fire destroyed Kadirs Tree Houses, which was one of the most popular back packer destination in the area.

Although the fire was put out in a few hours, almost 90 percent of the tree houses were lost during the fire, reported the Anatolia news agency.    Kadir's Tree Houses comprised 100 bungalows 15 cabins and 10 dorm rooms, mostly built in treetops in the national park.

Ramazan Kaya, brother of the resort's owner Kadir Kaya, said there was some solace in the fact that no one was hurt during the incident, but that 90 percent of the resort had been lost. "I hope we can rebuild the facilities for the new season" he said.

So before you head to this area check what your accomodation options are:  http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=65783


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