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4000 years old Cendere Bridge  and the Nemrut Mountain in the sky line

4000 years old Cendere Bridge and the Nemrut Mountain in the sky line

Sezgin Aytuna

Nemrut Mountain is located South of Malatya (75km) or NE of Kahta (50km), Adıyaman in SE Turkey.  The statues were found in 1881 by Kral Sester, a German  archeologist.  In 1987, Nemrut mountain was made a world heritage site by  Unesco and immediatly after the area was declared a national park by the Turkish Ministry of Forest.

At the cone shape summit of this 2,200m elevated mountain one can find statues mythical figures of Apollon, Zeus, Hercules and others. The statues stare at you silenty more than 2000 years.  More statues on the Western side  than the  East side. The altar is located on the east site. These statues were carved around 63 B.C during the reign of Antiochus-I, the emperor of  the Commagene King. Here you can wonder around the cone shape, a man made summit,  where Antiochus's tumules  was located which were hidded  under the man made limestone  dome. 

It is amazing to watch the sun sets and sun rises at the summit.  However, the sun rise is very cold, make sure that you have  thick  sleeping bags or blankets  from the hotel you stay in, even in the hot summer days.

  Remember, you will  be watching the sun rise at 2,200m (7,000ft) elevated mountain. Actually, the best way is to stay (sleep) at the mountain  on the eastern site which I did in 1986 and watch the sun rise at 3am. The colors are more than beautiful!!!. 

The best way to travel the  area is by plane to Adıyaman  and take a special tour to  Kahta and follow the road signs where you will pass the small tumulus of Karakus (belongs  to Antiochus's wife),  over looking to Nemrut Mountain (as seen on the picture),  the Cendere Bridge (over Kahta River), Eski Kahta Castle, Arsemia,  the towns of  Damlacık, Narince and Karadut ( it has good  pansions after passing the town) and reach the Mountain. The good road ends  near the edge of the summit, however,  one  has to walk (or rent a mule) 1 km more, steep up hill, to reach the top where the statues are located.  While you are there make sure to make a loop around the summit and enjoy the view and see more stateus on the north side as well. There are lots of restaurants on the way (at Damlacık and Karadut) and at the top, no need to carry food  or water with you. This is at least a 12 hours tour to enjoy.  You may swim in the Kahta River ( a branch of famous Euphrates River, under the Cendere Bridge (see the picture), during July and August during the  hot summer days.  

In the area, the weather  is always very hot, over 45C during the day time but very dry, between June-September  make sure to stay at the hotels which have  air-conditon rooms.  If they do not have it  stay at Karadut village pansions, at 1000m high, over looking to  Nemrut  Mountain where you do not need an air-condition.

I worked in the area (1985-1990)  as a petroleum geologist for ARCO International Oil and Gas Company and did lots of field work and mapping the geology every corner of the area and visited all the villages and towns A.. to Z.  When  you go to  Nemrut,  you will pass in front of the two  oil fields discoved by ARCO  that I had worked, one is rigth after  the town of Damlacık on your rigth called "Cendere Oil Field" and the other one is very  near  Karadut Village, called "Ozan Sungurlu Oil Field", both of them are still  pumping oil.

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